JUST IN: Second Person In Flint Water Crisis Found Dead Within A Week


There have now been two mysterious deaths tied to the lawsuit around Flint’s water crisis. Is this becoming a little too coincidental to continue to be considered unrelated?

On Tuesday, April 19, Sasha Avonna Bell was found dead in her home at 19 years old. Bell was one of the first citizens of Flint to file a lawsuit on behalf of her child, who suffered lead poisoning as a result of the lack of oversight by Michigan’s political leaders.

Detroit News Time reports that:

“Bell’s lawsuit named six companies and three current and former government employees, accusing them of shirking their responsibilities for the safety of the water in Flint.”

As Bipartisan Report already stated:

“The Bell case played an important role in determining the future of the more than five dozen other lawsuits that were filed…The diverse city of Flint was contaminated with lead in its drinking water in 2014 which resulted in an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that is tied to the deaths of 12 people. At the time, Flint was under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager who chose to switch the city’s drinking water source allegedly in an attempt to save money.”

Now another potential witness in the case against the government of Flint, Michigan, where predominantly poor communities of color have been affected by their government’s ineptitude and criminal behavior, has been found dead.

Matthew McFarland worked as a foreman at Flint’s Water Treatment plant and three of his employees are facing criminal charges for their cover-up of the water crisis. As a result, McFarland had already been questioned as part of the investigation; although, we’re now highly unlikely to ever know what investigators learned from him.

Despite the fact that an autopsy failed to identify a cause of death, police have already dismissed suspicions.

“The Lapeer County Sheriff tells ABC12 there was [sic] no apparent signs of foul play. Investigators are still waiting for toxicology reports before releasing a cause of death.”

The toxicology reports should absolutely be trusted in a city that’s already covered up the poisoning of its citizens by a corrupt government, though. It isn’t as if they’d lie. Young black women routinely are shot in their homes while sleeping and 43-year-old white men overdose all the time, right?

Is this all sounding just slightly too coincidental?

For video of the press conference regarding the criminal charges filed so far in Flint, see below:


Featured images of Matthew McFarland and Sasha Avonne Bell via Daily Mail