RACIST: Conservative News Platform Drudge Report Calls Pop Singer Beyoncé An ‘Urban Terrorist’


This past Saturday evening Beyoncé released a new visual album called “Lemonade.” It features 12 music videos that each centre on a different theme, such as infidelity, fury, and forgiveness. It’s unclear whether Beyoncé used the project to draw from personal experience, as some form of therapy or cathartic release, as the pop icon has remained mostly tight-lipped regarding the album’s release.

But in true Beyoncé fashion, her new album was definitely something that took the world by storm. So much, in fact, that conservative news site Drudge Report took issue with one specific video called “Hold Up.” The site took a screenshot from the music video that featured Bey violently smashing windows and cars with a baseball bat, adding this headline:

‘Beyoncé ‘Urban Terrorist’ In New Video: Baseball Bat Rampage’

The folks over at Drudge Report seem to dislike the fact that Beyoncé is considered a role model, yet released such a violent video. The headline from Drudge Report linked to an article from ShowBiz411 that questioned her stance as a role model, referencing President Obama’s prior opinion of the iconic diva, when he said:

‘Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent.’

The article suggested that the President may be changing his opinion of Beyoncé in regards to her role model status, in light of the recent video.

Beyoncé is known for making a statement and being seen by the media, but it’s a little bit confusing as to exactly what she’s trying to hint at with this album.

The lyrics go like this:

‘I’d rather be crazy’ than being ‘walked all over lately.’ Later in the song she asks, ‘Are you cheating on me?’

‘Back up hold up, they don’t love you like I love you. I’m gonna f*^k me up a bit*^.’

Of course fans are wondering, is this about long time husband and rapper Jay-Z? The pair don’t frequent headlines and are pretty skilled when it comes to keeping a low profile. They aren’t really “spotted” anywhere unless it’s a public appearance. Obviously the release of the album has fans confused, since no one’s really heard any talk of Jay-Z cheating on Queen B.

HBO aired an hour-long debut of “Lemonade” on Saturday night, which likely explained things more clearly, as “Hold Up” is merely one out of 12 pieces to the puzzle, if you will.

ShowBiz411 noted that the album title “Lemonade” could be Beyoncé saying she’s stuck it out in a rough relationship with Jay-Z and has essentially made lemonade out of lemons, aka the best out a situation involving a cheating hubby.

But who knows for sure.

Do you think this constitutes removal of her “role model” status? Is her behavior appropriate, given the fact that young girls idolize her?

Sadly, since the album is available via Tidal for streaming, the video isn’t posted on YouTube for the general public to view.

Feature Image is a screengrab of the music video “Hold Up” by Beyoncé and was sourced from Drudge Report.