WATCH: Donald Trump Attempts To Incite Violence Towards Protesters ‘They Don’t Love Our Country’ (VIDEO)


How does a person prove that she loves her country? One way is by serving in the military. A possible, though fading, way is by going into local, state, or federal politics. A third way is to serve as a firefighter, teacher, or other public servant. Naturally, Donald Trump has an entirely different take on loving your country, and what he says about protesters is outrageous.

For some reason, Trump believes that people who don’t agree with him, and that includes protesters, “don’t love our country.”

At his Warwick, Rhode Island campaign rally, the billionaire got ready to come down hard on his two Republican opponents. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Governor John Kasich of Ohio decided to tag-team him by stealing the delegates he needs to receive the nomination.

Before Trump could blister the two men with his heated words, several knots of protesters interrupted him:

‘Get them out of here. Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them. We have to be very gentle.’

The crowd jumped into the skirmish, chanting:

‘Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.’

Then Trump added:

‘You know in New York we had some protesters, they’re all paid for.’

‘I actually believe that they do not love our country, I’ll be honest with you. I really believe that. They don’t love our country.’

Nice job of splitting the Trumpsters against the Democratic voters, of creating an us-against-them situation. The man certainly knows how to rev-up a crowd and manipulate them.

When another group of protesters interrupted Trump, right on cue, the crowd chanted “Build that wall!” The real estate mogul promised:

‘Don’t even think about it, it will be built. Don’t waste your breath. It will be built, believe me.’

‘It will go up fast, and it will be big and it will be high and strong. And it’s going to help stop the drugs from pouring into Rhode Island.’

Trump is a master in carving out enemies. This time he latched onto people’s fear of drugs capturing their children and whisking them away forever. “Sixty Minutes,” the CBS television show on Sundays, said that in Ohio alone, three people die of heroin overdoses every day.

The leading Republican reaches in and grabs people by their fear, then he tells them that he will protect him. Trump is shrewd, very shrewd, and very disturbing.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Raw Story and Right Side News.