WOW: Donald Trump Gets Support From THIS Very Unlikely Source (VIDEO)


Lest you think that Ohio Governor and GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich was entertaining far fetched fantasies, far outfield of him standsĀ the Libertarians. Kasich is running at about 20% of his required number of votes to clinch the nomination and, although unlikely to win, heĀ does still have a chance. The GOP nominating convention could be contested, and he could be chosen on the convention floor, irrespective of the popular vote. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz could both be launched on a rocket into outer space, never to be heard from again. Really, anything could happen.

The Libertarians, though, don’t even make it on the map. Their leading candidate, former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, has received a grand total of 2,560 votes.

So, obviously, the libertarians don’t actually see one of their members becoming President of the United States any time soon. (That is, unless not only Trump and Cruz but the entire two party system flies away on a rocket ship. Possible, since anything is possible, but unlikely, no matter how much some embattled Bernie Sanders supporters would like for it to happen.) There hasn’t been a third party president since never. We have never had one. The very definition then of what the Libertarians are doing is just a protest campaign. They just like to yell, basically, about issues important to them, and hope somebody listens. (This article exists, so it must be working.)

One of their candidates, in a slate of a whopping 13, actually tweeted in support of Republican front runner Donald Trump. The candidate in question is physician Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, who has received a grand total of 304 votes. He comes in behind CEO Austin Petersen and ahead of tech security guy John McAfee.

Not only was Feldman’s tweet in support of Trump, it was also in support of some of the mouthpiece for racism’s most startling remarks. Trump had criticized US Senator John McCain’s status as a “war hero,” pointing to his capture, and saying that he “preferred people who weren’t captured.” You can see the tweet with the video embedded below. It is a video he shared from Youtube to his Twitter feed.

This fringe voice stumping for Trump is not the first third party voice to do so this election season. The American Independent Party of California also has thrown some of its support and manpower behind helping out Trump in their state. Trump is currently maintaining an uncertain lead in the state, with their primary coming up on June 7.

Feldman’s positions, for the record, are an interesting conglomeration of right wing extremism. He seems like quite the isolationist-nationalist. He supports eliminating all homeland security and international aid spending. He also supports “greatly decreasing” spending in the areas of medical and scientific research, defense, education, and the environment. In other words, under a Feldman style government, you just wave a magic wand and get everything done that you need.

So, congratulations Donald Trump. You are rallying and bringing out of the closet all the people we like to ignore.

Featured Image via Eli Christman on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.