Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups Are Disappearing After Hillary Trolls Go On Mission To Silence


In an absolutely shocking event yesterday, almost all of the major Bernie Sanders supporter Facebook groups were REMOVED from the social media platform. They were gone all within a short timeframe. Groups like Bernie Sanders is My HERO, Bernie Believers, all the ones familiar to many Facebook using Sanders supporters- all of them were gone.

These groups include hundreds of thousands of members, and are major hubs for Sanders campaign activities. He has drawn nearly all of his strength from the force in his campaign represented by the hundreds of thousands of committed supporters active in these groups. His campaign is successful because of these word of mouth type flows of his information and message. And on Monday, all of this, all of this strength, all of this massive populist force behind his campaign disappeared.

This lapse in the presence of these groups is at least as bad for the campaign as the temporary suspension to voter data access that the Democratic National Committee imposed upon the Sanders campaign a some months ago. That suspension was imposed in the aftermath of a data leak that gave the Sanders campaign access to the voter data of both their camp and the Clinton camp. The DNC was widely perceived as unfairly and discriminatorily punishing the Sanders campaign for the data slip. Bernie 2016 is currently in the midst of settling a lawsuit with the DNC over the issue.

This break in the Bernie Sanders groups being on Facebook is probably at least as bad for the Bernie camp as the suspension in voter data. The dissemination of Sanders information was temporarily so suspended that Sanders supporters termed the event the “#BernieBlackout.” Sanders’s campaign has tapped into such a strong base of popular support that even in the face of literally constant implicit encouragement to cede the race, he has vowed that he will not leave the race until the convention.

In the face of such determination from the Sanders camp, the attacks on him are becoming increasingly desperate. He recently traded a series of blows with Clinton over who was more qualified, or qualified at all. He has been the brunt of mocking from Bill Clinton while the former president was on the campaign trail for his wife.

Still, though, he is not going anywhere. He has raised more money then his challenger 3 months in a row, and just surpassed the amount of money that she has raised altogether. More than 1 in 3 of his supporters, an increasing numbers of them everyday, have pledged Bernie or Bust, meaning that they will probably not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election should she be the Democratic nominee.

It was recently reported, in a shocking move, that a Clinton supporting SuperPAC was going to spend $1 Million on actually, and this is serious, trolling pro-Bernie and “anti-Hillary” material on the web. Some Bernie supporters on Reddit already felt the effects of this move as it was reported a few days ago.

And, now, it is widely felt that this pro-Hillary group is behind the downing of the Bernie Facebook groups. The groups went down through a massive number of reports. One representative of the Sanders campaign claimed that the removal of the groups was due to a “bug.” Eh, that’s not so sure. The reported posts were, in some cases, child pornography.

Today, five states vote. This race, on both sides, is still very uncertain, and really just gets more wild every day.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.