BREAKING: Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Votes Have Been Counted And The Winner Is….


Pennsylvania Democratic primary votes have been counted, and Hillary Clinton is the winner. The Keystone state is the largest that voted today, with 189 pledged delegates at stake. Pennsylvania comes behind only California as the biggest prize left on the Democratic primary calendar.

Secretary Clinton was the heavily favored candidate going into today’s election. Five Thirty Eight gave her a “Greater than 99%” chance of winning, as of this morning. This win in Pennsylvania helps to cement that, at least according to the way things should go, Clinton is the likely nominee. What Clinton does not recognize, and the Sanders camp asserts, is that there is still a probability of the Senator somehow winning the nomination.

For example, Sanders is growing his approximately 20% chance of winning California when that state votes on June 7. California has a whopping 475 delegates at stake, meaning that a blowout win by Sanders could throw Clinton off her path to the nomination. And California leans heavily in Sanders’s favor

On the flip-side, there’s always a possibility of anything happening. An increasingly¬†likely scenario is that Sanders loses the Democratic nod and runs third party. At least 1 in 3 of his supporters have declared that they are “Bernie or Bust,” meaning that they will likely not vote for Clinton should she become the Democratic Party’s nominee. And meaning that he has a dedicate group of supporters that want to help push him all the way until November.

Sanders and his camp, for their part, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, no matter if Clinton wins every vote from now until June. He has repeatedly declared that he will stay in the race until the convention, and he has the money and the manpower to prove it. He has out-raised his opponent 3 months in a row, and has now surpassed her total funds raised.

Evidently Clinton is worried, because it’s not like she’s stopped campaigning. She is still flinging wild attacks at Sanders- some of which have been return fire-, and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

So, to bring some closing remarks into view- nobody has any idea who is going to be the Democratic nominee, let alone President. That is key to remember.

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Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.