BREAKING: Pennsylvania Republican Primary Votes Have Been Counted And The Winner Is….


Pennsylvania Republican primary votes have been counted, and front runner Donald Trump has scored a resounding victory. He was heavily favored to win as of this morning, when analysts at Five Thirty Eight gave him a “Greater than 99%” chance of winning.

What does this mean for the Republican race? Is Trump unstoppable? Nobody really knows. Both party’s races are just uncertain enough to make keen observers realize that they have absolutely no idea what is going on. There’s a democratic socialist? There’s Donald Trump? But, anyway.

Trump’s¬†opponents, US Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich certainly would like us to think that he is very stoppable. The only way Trump’s loss of the nomination can reasonably come about is through him failing to reach 100% of the delegates. His falling short of this magic number would, according to some Trump supporters, plunge the GOP nominating convention into a bloodbath.

In laymen’s terms, that means that all previous pledges of support on the part of convention delegates are thrown out. Then, the campaigns left all bite and claw at each other for every last delegate vote.¬†The GOP bosses call this state of affairs an “open convention,” meaning open to any influence whatsoever, to the exclusion of democracy. (They probably wouldn’t tell you that, though.)

Trump’s win in Pennsylvania inches him ever so closer to clinching that magic number and making all of these considerations meaningless. Cruz and Kasich even, quite interestingly, formed a de facto alliance to try and keep him from it, ceding to each other in 3 states. Time will tell if their strategy will work.

The reason that they are employing it at all is because in the case of an open convention, Trump is not likely to win. That’s why, in all seriousness, Trump supporters have been sending threats of “bloodshed” to GOP bigwigs and their families. Winning an open convention requires the persons at the convention, who are all high up in the Republican Party, to like you -and the GOP establishment doesn’t like Trump. Cruz, who has been playing the system well as he inches upwards on the map, is likely to win an open convention.

You can find more breaking coverage of the Trump win in Pennsylvania below, via Twitter.

Trump is also projected to win Maryland and Connecticut.

Less than 30 minutes after polls closed, Trump was projected to win Rhode Island as well.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.