BREAKING: Possible Active Shooting Situation At Major Florida University (DRAMATIC VIDEO)


At just after 4 PM today, a text alert was sent out to students of the University of Central Florida warning of a “possible Middle Eastern gun man/woman in the UCF Main Campus Library.” Recipients of the text were admonished to “avoid the area.” You can see a screenshot of the text below, via a student on Facebook.

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According to student eyewitnesses, the library has been evacuated, and a significant police presence is sweeping the area. No active shooter has been confirmed. Available information does not make it clear where the report came from, or what prompted it. One student suggested “it could have been a prank,” and another noted that the school is “just taking precaution.”

The University of Central Florida is the second largest University in the United States, with over 60,000 students. Mass shootings like could have occurred today are becoming very commonplace in America, especially at schools. In 2016, 11 mass shootings have been recorded in the state of Florida alone, with one of the most recent being an incident leaving 2 dead 10 days ago.

You can find tweets, including video about the incident, below.

In the first, officers with assault rifles can be seen clearing students from the library area.

This came after helicopters “made their way to the library” after the “social media reports” came in.

You can see an interview with a student below.

If this unconfirmed report turns out to be false, there are multiple ways to look at it. Someone could have been biased against someone of Middle Eastern descent. Why, on that note, does the denotation Middle Eastern matter enough to be sent in the text alert? Are those of Middle Eastern descent more prone to mass shooting type incidents? Doesn’t it make sense to simply alert students to stay away from the area, and be vigilant in their escape?

This initial concern is backed up by the following, via a student eyewitness:

‘Someone on Facebook said the report of a gunman in the UCF library may have turned out to be a [M]uslim woman holding a Koran.’

In addition, the fact that weapons are as free as they are leads to the probability of these events going up, up, and up. Taking away the free flow of some of these weapons can help curb the serious epidemic of gun violence.

You can watch more videos below, and you can check back at this link for further updates.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from video by UCF Knight News, Courtesy of Knight News.