Pro-Hillary Trolls That Shut Down Pro-Bernie Facebook Groups Get Hilariously Rude Awakening


Facebook pages supporting Bernie Sanders were shut down at about the same time on Monday. Hillary Clinton supporters are bragging on Facebook about their efforts in having the pages removed. It’s not a pretty sight. reports that the groups which were falsely reported include the following:

Bernie Sanders Activists
Bernie Believers
Bernie Sanders Is My Hero
Bernie or Bust
Bernie Sanders for President
Bernie Sanders – Ideas Welcome
Bernie Sanders Revolutionaries
Bay Area for Bernie

The groups have been reinstated and people are upset. The groups garnered a lot of members, collectively hosting more than a quarter of a million members.

Casey Champagne bragged about taking down the pages in the pro-Hillary Clinton group BROS 4 HILLARY – #GiveEmHill, a group which ironically is no longer there. Funny how that works, isn’t it?


















The Hillary group’s archive can be seen here.

Online trolls began posting kiddie porn in the groups then reporting them. Afterwards, they bragged and laughed about their efforts in silencing political discourse.

Facebook user Robert Olivarez informed Champagne of the obvious, “You know they all can see this post?”

Champagne responded, “You know I don’t care?” Olivarez said, “oh dear, you are so fierce!”

















Instead of doing volunteer work for their candidate, the Hillary supporters spent their time silencing the opposition.


















They’re so proud of themselves and since these Facebook users are so bold, we’re not redacting the names.


Hello there.








The groups were not ‘violent.’ Pro-Hillary and pro-Bernie groups are not violent but here we see a concerted effort to rig the system. It appears that tactic backfired. redacted this Facebook user’s name, otherwise, we’d show it.














For the record, I’d be equally pissed off if Bernie supporters took part in taking down pro-Hillary pages. It’s just a fucked up thing to do.

As for Casey Champagne and others who bragged about taking down pro-Bernie groups, we would very much like to know why he was in possession of kiddie porn. We’re just asking questions here.

One Bernie supporter writes, “Think I might donate some $$$ tonight on behalf of Casey Champagne, who’s with me?”

157 people upvoted the comment and now, a lot of Bernie supporters are now donating in Casey Champagne’s name.

He’s being memed and photoshopped all over Facebook. Lookin’ good there, Casey.


















Maybe their efforts to silence others didn’t work out too well, huh? Facebook groups are kind of a big deal. It’s where people gather to talk freely about issues and this happened on the eve of primaries taking place in five states. Taking them down is a douche-move and it only fires up the opposition.

















I couldn’t find Casey’s Facebook page. He either deleted it or Facebook banned him.



















The pro-Bernie groups have been reinstated. Have a nice day, Casey.

All images via Facebook.