BOOM: Watch As Whoopi Goldberg Angrily Puts Donald Trump In His Place On The View (VIDEO)


Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump have this pretty amazing ongoing verbal feud that all began when Whoopi misspoke and insinuated that she would be moving out of the country if The Donald were to be elected President. This statement came amidst a heated rant by Goldberg, who was fed up with the racist rhetoric coming out of the Trump campaign.

Trump responded the first time Whoopi called him out, and his idiotic remark was enough to make Whoopi respond on March 1st, 2016 via her morning talk show “The View.” Whoopi made it clear that she and her ancestors had been in America since the 1700’s and she wasn’t going anywhere because of him.

Donald never responded to that message, and nearly 2 months have passed since it happened. So when Whoopi’s name came out of Trump’s mouth yesterday during his Lena Dunham rant, needless to say, Goldberg was surprised and pissed enough to send out one more public message to The Donald.

Whoopi began her message to Donald by reading the transcripts of exactly what she said in March:

“Now, let me be clear, Don, from time to time, people piss me off and I think, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be pissed off.’ But you know what? I’m not going anywhere, Honey! This is my country.”

Whoopi then said that she realizes trump must be missing her quite a bit since he keeps mentioning her in the press, then continues:

“I can’t help but see you so, hiiiiii babe!”

We love hearing from Whoopi, who doesn’t mix words about anything, especially issues of such dire importance as who will take Barack Obama’s spot in the Oval Office come next January.

Video courtesy of ABC: