WATCH: Rachel Maddow Defiantly Declares Bernie Sanders Over And Done (VIDEO)


Why is Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, a supposedly liberal cable network, so down on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders? She crowns Hillary Clinton after every state primary or caucus, and claims Sanders is the loser, even after Sanders’ eight out of nine wins. But Tuesday’s primary coverage was far worse.

Sanders runs a clean campaign, even to the point of refusing to discuss Hillary Clinton’s controversial use of a computer server in her home to send and receive emails. At the time, she was Secretary of State.

But Clinton doesn’t seem to have the same set of ethics. During Bernie’s primary eve city hall, Clinton’s people methodically took down the major pro-Sanders sites. In several states, voter registration fraud prevented thousands of voters under the age of 40 — Sanders’ primary voting block — from voting.

As usual, MSNBC spent Tuesday night cheering on Clinton, while Steve Kornacki walked the only senator to endorse Sanders, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, through his “proof” of how Sanders’ path to victory was impossible.

Rachel Maddow noted how liberal she is, then she said:

‘As somebody who is legitimately impartial between these candidates, I feel like there is no way Senator Sanders ends up with the nomination.’

Why is MSNBC so anti-Sanders? Comcast not only owns MSNBC, its holdings include:

‘TV and Internet, entertainment, sports and news, communications and home management, theme parks, television and movies.’

The parent corporation owns Comcast Cable, NBC Universal, Comcast Spectator, and Comcast Ventures, among others. Comcast vacuums up smaller companies, like a starving shark.

Comcast has no interest in a Sander’s win, because he can’t be bought, but last June, Clinton was an early recipient of the Comcast executive vice president David Cohen’s $2,700-a-plate fundraiser.

In October, NBC Universal in-kind contributions [service not money] kicked off the Hillary Clinton campaign with a “Saturday Night Live” skit, a Sunday morning interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, and a Monday town hall meeting on the “Today” show.

“Saturday Night Live” was basically a Clinton campaign ad. Here is one example of SNL‘s pro-Clinton work:

‘In the same show, the pretend newscast “took aim not just at the GOP field, but at Bernie Sanders…The seeming moral of the punchlines: Can anyone sane really vote for anyone but Hillary?’

In the Sharpton interview:

‘The transcript shows Hillary was allowed to give four-paragraph answers as Sharpton nodded. One answer on crime and race was 514 words long.’

But Comcast is not the only pro-Clinton corporation. The New York Times came out with a damning article on Tuesday that led readers to believe that Sanders was leaving the race. Sanders’ wife Jane came onto MSNBC Tuesday adamantly reinforcing that her husband was not dropping out, but the damage was already done in the five primary states.

The head of the Democratic National Committee and close friend of Clinton, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, scheduled both the candidate’s televised debates at obscure times and nearly guaranteed a small audience. Clinton already had the name recognition, so this decision seems designed to handicap Sanders.

Tuesday night, Maddow questioned:

‘What the “right way [is] for Senator Sanders to end this in a way that’s gonna be the best for the cause” and the Democratic party.’

Sanders supporter Senator Merkley admitted, during MSNBC’s campaign coverage, that Sanders’ path is harder after Tuesday’s primaries, but he continued to relate Sanders’ campaign goals.

The MSNBC coverage was disappointing, with the hosts and guests cracking jokes and laughing as if they were a local afternoon newscast, instead of covering a history-changing event.

On previous primary evenings, MSNBC uncovered each candidate’s delegate much like a discovered Easter egg. Tuesday, there was little to no mention of how many delegates Sanders won or how close the races were. In Delaware, Clinton had 12 delegates while Sanders had 9, and in Connecticut, Clinton took 27 delegates while Sanders took 25.

Throughout this campaign, MSNBC has twisted the numbers. It has consistently shown Hillary Clinton’s super delegates in the totals. But super delegates can support any candidate, and many pledged to Clinton before Sanders even entered the race. Delegates are not final until July’s convention.

MSNBC failed to delve into why so many super delegates support Clinton or whether they are firm in that support. Perhaps the super delegates fear a President Sanders would find a way to cut off their umbilical cord to their corporate sponsors.

When newscasters betray their objectivity, they betray the people.

Check out the video of Maddow condemning Sander’s campaign:

Featured Image: Alex Hanson via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Mediaite.