Watch Ted Cruz’s Reaction To Heckler Shouting: ‘You’re Not Even Eligible, You’re A Canadian!’ (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz has been having a rough time lately. In addition to¬†suffering several devastating losses to Donald Trump — including in all five states that voted in the April 26 primaries — and having¬†a woman who bears a striking resemblance to him accept $10,000 to star in a sex tape about him, Cruz also got heckled at a recent rally, with the heckler drawing upon the birther argument that is now coming back to bite Cruz.

During his a speech, someone from the crowd yelled out, “You’re not even eligible, you’re a Canadian!”

In the video below, via Twitter, you can see that Cruz tries to pretend the comment doesn’t bother him, but that he is obviously flustered.

The heckler is, of course, referring to the fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada rather than the United States. The whole “birther” issue is ridiculous and should have no place in the presidential race, for any candidate. However, it is hard to feel too sorry for Cruz when he stoked the birther fire for so long against President Obama and has now dropped it only as it’s been turned around on him. It’s easy to feel that karma is now simply catching up with Cruz.

If one wants to argue against Ted Cruz being a fit presidential candidate, though, there are many better arguments that could be made. His positions on Planned Parenthood and women’s health, for example, are abhorrent. He also has voted against protecting oceans and other ecosystems and has vehemently fought against marriage equality. Obviously, there are a lot of bad things with Ted Cruz that one could go after; getting roped into the birther debacle is pointless and takes away focus from the more serious things that are wrong with Senator Cruz.

One semi-positive thing that can be said about Cruz, though, is that at least he is not encouraging the people at his rallies to beat up hecklers and protesters. While Trump — who started all this birther nonsense — has been known to encourage such violence, Cruz took a different route at his rally. As the crowd started to react to the heckler, Cruz told attendees to “keep [their] hands off of him.” He then went on to say, “See the difference is, if this were a Trump rally, I would be encouraging people to punch him.”

Watch that portion of the rally below, also via Twitter:

Featured image via Getty.