BREAKING: FOX Affiliate Station Evacuating Due To Terrorist Bomb Threat (VIDEO)


A Baltimore TV Station has just been evacuated after a man in a panda suit threatened to blow up the station. The station is FOX 45, the local Fox News affiliate in Baltimore.

According to the latest updates, the man in the panda suit has been “taken out by police.” Additional reports state that there was a “car fire,” and all employees have been evacuated from the area as police sweep the premises.

This incident is far from the first attack carried out on American and/or Western news media under similar circumstances. Last fall, a TV reporter and her cameraman were murdered on live television by a disgruntled former associate. The Charlie Hebdo attack last year is one of the most memorable of these.

The now repeated presence of these sorts of attacks in America is very serious. Sure, it has happened before, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal or okay. Attacks on the press are commonplace in the Middle East and in war zones, not in America.

But maybe not for long. Obviously the attacker has serious mental problems, and the fact that he was wearing a panda suit suggests that maybe the health of the American mind is becoming so very low that we are actually approaching some sort of first world cold warzone in our social life. Think about it- to protect ourselves from ourselves we require military equipment outfitted police forces stationed across the country. We can count the casualties from this war -those killed by police and mass shootings- in the thousands.

And also obviously, we have absolutely no idea how to deal with this sort of thing, meaning that as a consequence we are only heading towards more and more of these kinds of dangerous situations.

Hopefully no idiot says this has anything to do with anything other than a decaying social system in America. It’s not Islam, it’s not ISIS, and it’s not liberalism. It’s the fact that to say America has a mental health care system is a big fat joke and guns flow more easily than water.

You can find more breaking coverage below, via FOX News on Twitter.