Computer Gaming Dad Beats 2-Year Old Daughter To Death For Interrupting His Play Time


Sometimes you just don’t know about people. And, sometimes, that not knowing can have tragic consequences. A Texas man was charged on Friday with capital murder over the death of his 2 year old daughter last December. According to authorities, the child died from suffocation. She was also beaten in various areas of her body.

The reason for the murder was “suggested” by police to be out of a “fit of rage” due to the child interrupting her father’s computer gaming.

Um, what the heck? How in living whatever can you give any reasoning behind this act? Behind this disgrace of a human being? No, and thinking that, oh, this is because she interrupted his gaming is rubbish, and other words that — maybe — shouldn’t be said here.

No, this murder was because he was a monster of a human then and still is. He murdered his 2 year old daughter. He literally is now in the same category as the mass murderers of recent human history such as the Nazis, who were responsible for the murders of millions of children.

You can’t argue with that. Going light on people like this, just like going light on confirmed terrorists, does nothing but subtract from the cause of human rights and the like. People need to get real.

In an ideal world, he would be executed. But, we don’t live in an ideal world, so the line has to be gingerly tread upon between what we should do and what we want to do. We can’t be as sure as we must be to deliver a death sentence, so, to protect those who may be wrongfully executed the death penalty should not be used.

He should be delivered the maximum punishment, however. This assertion is not opinion. It is required if America is to be a nation, as most of us strive for, that honors and protects life.

On another note, this murder was not necessarily unpreventable. The problem is that government agencies who could help prevent this sort of thing either are too stretched by lack of funds, misuse of funds, lack of people, or all of the above. Love of money is corrupting. The truth of this assertion is blatantly evident in the part of the government supposedly there to keep things like this murder from happening. One person with personal experience said this:

‘Government agencies paid to protect children from abuse are resorting to literally kidnapping our kids from loving homes in order to profit!’

And Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer said this of agencies like Child Protective Services:

‘They are like the Gestapo… They are a protected empire.’

The startling reasoning behind the giving of a “reason” for the murder lends to this event being perceived as unpreventable. The fact is that it was preventable, and that is because no normal human being all of a sudden commits murder. There was some warning sign. And the wreck of a protection system missed it.

But, people might not like to see warning signs. So they ignore them. Just like they ignore warning signs when someone is suffering from mental illness. There is such a stigma over recognizing things as terribly wrong that it’s killing us, literally.

Featured Image via Yumi Kimura on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.