HILARIOUS: Genius Filmmakers Turn Seinfeld’s George Costanza Into Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)


What some of us have dreamed of since the first time we ever heard Bernie Sanders speak just came true. The geniuses at Break.com made a Seinfeld mashup superimposing Sanders on some of George Costanza’s most highly expressive moments.

The magical video editing is hilarious and fits absolutely perfectly. It’s almost as if the same message that the Vermont Senator has thundered across the nation was at least as relevant years ago. Of course, that’s one serious message to take from this, a message which is, in fact, quite accurate. But still, no matter who one supports, it’s just funny.

Sanders hails from New York himself, so he and the beloved characters share accents. And, besides Costanza, there are even some very appropriate reactions from other cast members thrown in. It’s just great.

You can watch the video below.


This is far from the first time Seinfeld has made a foray into the presidential election. Probably the best known of these forays is Larry David’s serial impersonation of Sanders on Saturday Night Live. He has played Sanders in a number of different skits.

In one from back in February, David co-starred with Sanders himself, who introduced himself as “Bernie Sanderswitchky” — or something to that effect. In that skit, the cast played new immigrants to America, and Sanders gave his core message in a memorably humorous context.

More recently, both David/Sanders and Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared in a SNL parody of the most recent Democratic debate. Louis-Dreyfus appeared in character as Elaine to ask David/Sanders — and Kate Mckinnon/Hillary Clinton —  a few “citizen’s questions.”

Way back in October, George was more directly on the receiving end of Sanders/Seinfeld humor. The folks at Death and Taxes pulled off a similar feat of video editing — although it wasn’t quite as perfect as the recent one by Break.com. They superimposed remarks from Sanders on the infamous over-the-head view of George’s boss, who parodied real life boss George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees. You can watch one of the best videos — they made three — below.

The cast of Seinfeld has not apparently made official their endorsement of any particular candidate. Sanders does, even still, have a long list of notable celebrities backing him, from rock and roll great Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to Danny DeVito.

Featured image via Screenshot from the Video.