Trump Supporter Lets Out A Glorious Whine After His Yard Sign Is Run Over By Gardener (VIDEO)


Donald Trump won the Florida primary back on March 15 by a landslide, clobbering home state US Senator Marco Rubio. But that didn’t stop one pissy Trump supporter in Florida from trying to hurt a hard working lawn service business for accidentally running over his picket sign.

The sign wasn’t even supposed to be there. According to Travis Gettys of Raw Story, “The Trump sign appears to be in violation of HOA rules — which prohibit campaign signs more than 90 days before an election and requires their removal within 10 days of an election.”

The allegation from the Trump supporter was that the lawn guy ran over his sign “on purpose.” Now, maybe if he was a mature adult, then he could have just picked up his sign’s pieces and moved on. But no — he had a righteous fit and got a 19 year old fired. Now this teenager is out of work, and to say that jobs for 19 year olds are hard to find is an understatement at best. Now, he’s out of work, and is going to pay his bills how, exactly? What if he goes delinquent because he can’t find anything productive to do?

Oh, well, according to Trump supporters, effectively most manual laborers are just criminals and rapists anyway. So it’s not as though they care. Still, the rest of us care. And, in reality, it’s not like this problem is confined to some high and mighty supporter from somewhere in Florida. This kind of insanity defines the Trump campaign. Just this week, Trump flew off the handle and went “full sexist.” He obscenely criticized actress Lena Dunham, and repeatedly asserted that “if Hillary were a man, then she would be getting less than 5% of the vote.”

Sexism is only Trump’s latest bigotry of choice. Other weeks he is Muslim-hating, while other times he is Mexican hating. Maybe it all depends on his mood — or maybe, those weeks he ate bad tasting Arabic and/or Mexican food. This whole debacle, from Trump all the way down to his wuss of a supporter in Florida, is really that ridiculous.

You can watch the video below. If you think the sign runover was intentional — or that if it was, that is some great and awesomely awful act — you are delusional.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.