WATCH: Megyn Kelly Says Jesus Is White, A Black Poet Responds In Full Force (VIDEO)


Fox News and their comrades love to pretend that racism doesn’t exist. In their world, those who are literally dying at the hands of the monster should just shut up. Police brutality, institutionalized bias leaving people in desperation -to Fox, etc., all just fairy tales and poppycock. In this vein, back in 2013, Fox News host Megyn Kelly went on a rant and declared “Jesus was white.” And, out of the halls of African-American poetry, she just got an epic smack-down.

Crystal Valentine, an African American poet in her early 20s, delivered the smack-down via Button Poetry on Youtube. The mission of Button Poetry is to:

‘Seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community.’

If Valentine’s work is any indication, the Minnesota-based organization is doing a startlingly good job.

Valentine pinpoints the idiotic lunacy in Kelly’s assertion. She doesn’t just call her an idiot though, as some from the right might have done. Oh, no what she did was much, much better. She masterfully explained what was so wrong in the notion of “Jesus was white, and that’s that.”

Some of her most startling and telling remarks are below:

‘How can she says Jesus was a white man when he died the blackest way possible? With his hands up, with his mother watching.’

That is just incredible. Those words, and the entirety of her remarks. convey exactly what is wrong in the assertion in question. First of all, from a biological and/or ethnic standpoint, no, Jesus wasn’t white. He was a Jew, living in the Middle East. Think of a Middle Easterner in, say a turban, with olive colored skin, and -boom, you’ve got Jesus. Food for thought for Christians who may be biased against Muslims.

From a larger standpoint, though, so very much of what we think of as race is just that, what we think. Race is very much a social construct. That doesn’t belittle the very real differences among those perceived to be of different races. It just shows what the basis is for the separation and gives some insight into how it can be addressed.

Now, keeping that in mind, Valentine gives a jaw dropping rendition of how yes, Jesus was black.

Valentine was named New York City’s Youth Poet Laureate in 2015. She obviously deserved it.

You can watch the clip of Valentine’s remarks below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.