A Prominent Trump Supporter Is Calling For The Execution Of Bernie Sanders


A literal WTF over here. Roger Stone, who appears to be a classic conservative conspiracy theorist, was just revealed to have called for the execution of Bernie Sanders. And, this call, put out in a tweet, came very soon before Sanders announced his presidential campaign last year.

You can see the death threat tweet below.


It’s a death threat. What kind of person sends out tweets like this? Who calls for the execution of a respected US Senator? Well, this guy does. The guy who goes on raving Alex Jones’s InfoWars looking like this, which is a reproduction of the featured image:

roger-stone A Prominent Trump Supporter Is Calling For The Execution Of Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Top Stories

Stone is evidently a “former Trump adviser” who still remains a “close ally.” And, obviously, he lives in his own little universe. What he was talking about on the InfoWars show was how, maybe, the rich and powerful will implement “martial law” to stop a Trump presidency.

Now, that isn’t really necessary. The people of America hate Donald Trump and the prospect of him ever becoming leader of the free world is a joke. Just look at what happened in California yesterday when he tried to hold a rally — huge, violent protests. America is not going to elect Donald Trump.

But that doesn’t stop Stone. And that death threat tweet wasn’t the only swipe he took at Sanders. He also put out the conversation that can be seen below.




This rant, dug up from Stone’s Twitter account, is far from the first time he has engaged in this kind of hate mongering. He has called prominent figures a whole list of things. He is banned from FOX and CNN on account of his history. Among his incidents, he obscenely commented on FOX host Megyn Kelly’s appearance, he called Tom Brokaw “senile,” and he called the Rev. Al Sharpton a “professional negro.” And that last one just doesn’t make any sense. Besides, it’s probably more likely Stone is a professional mouth runner.

After all, he is a close associate of the mouth runner in chief Donald Trump. And that’s by definition. Trump aide Paul Manafort literally said that all Trump’s long history of racist and/or sexist and/or unbelievable remarks are just an act, in other words, just mouth running.

And Stone appears to want to float on a similar bubble. At least we all have pins to pop it with. He told a reporter from Media Matters, speaking of the tweets, “I, of course, vehemently deny that they were either racist or sexist.” Uh, yeah. Retorting would just be engaging in his game.

Nutsos like this are why Sanders is now under Secret Service protection, as he has been since January. Self-protection is one of the lessons to take from this debacle. Quite literally, these people like Stone are serious and dangerous. Engaging with them in some kind of discourse only gives them fodder for their fires of hate. What should be done is to put jails and the legal system to the usage they were meant for in these circumstances. Death threats against members of the government are criminal offenses.

Featured Image via Screenshot from Alex Jones’s video.