BAM! Fox’s Megyn Kelly Takes Down Gov. McCrory On Anti-LGBT ‘Bathroom’ Bill


Fox News’ Megan Kelly recently took on North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory about what has been dubbed his “bathroom bill.” Now, the bill McCrory is promoting is an anti-LGBT law that overrode a common-sense local ordinance that guaranteed gay and transgender people’s rights, amid a nationwide surge of acceptance. As he tried to defend his bill, the governor showed himself to be standing first in the stupid line.

The state bathroom bill, McCrory said, protects children in public bathrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms. He claimed that the law was meant to protect small businesses from the so-called government overreach. But those businesses often have just the one bathroom, of course. Something McCrory conveniently forgets.

Kelly was having none of the governor’s nonsense. She said:

‘I’ve been in women’s bathrooms my whole life, and we don’t have the urinal situation. We don’t see each other. So why are you concerned about girls exposing themselves or seeing somebody else exposed?’

Why? McCrory responded:

‘It’s respect for privacy, especially our youth, in the showers, locker room dressing rooms, bathrooms.’

Even though McCrory wanted to wander away from the bathroom issue, Kelly pulled him right back in to the topic at hand:

‘In public bathrooms maintained by state what is your fear? There’s a misconception that somehow molesters are there. That’s not true. Ninety percent of molestation cases are people you know.’

McCrory responded:

‘It’s not a fear. It’s a basic expectation of privacy when your son or daughter goes to the restroom, that biological sex is the only gender in there. The one’s that on the birth certificate.’

Kelly then went on to talk about her responsibility, as a parent, to accompany her daughter.

North Carolina has suffered as a result of this highly discriminatory bill. Bruce Springsteen and other musicians and performers have cancelled their shows, and corporations, such as PayPal, have made known their intention of rolling back any plans to expand in the state.

What people who jump on the North Carolina bathroom bill don’t seem to understand is that LGBT people have been using public restrooms for centuries without any problems.

Watch Kelly take McCrory down in this video:

Featured Image: Procsilas Moscas via Flickr. Creative Commons.

H/T: Fox News.