WATCH: The White House Just Hilariously Responded To Cruz Being Called ‘Lucifer’ (VIDEO)


Earlier this week, former House Speaker John Boehner called serial runner up presidential candidate and US Senator Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” He also remarked, to his audience at Stanford University, “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Of course, Cruz didn’t care. If he cared then he wouldn’t be so miserable in the first place. Now, these comments of Boehner’s came up in a White House press conference yesterday. A reporter asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest to respond to them. He said,

‘Obviously, Speaker Boehner was speaking based on his own experience. I don’t know that he was looking to be helpful or harmful, I think he was just looking to be honest about his own view.’

That’s just funny — but also sad. It’s funny because Earnest said that Boehner was just trying to be “honest” when he called Cruz Satan. So, maybe Earnest agrees?

It’s sad because the right is spewing their virulence so far that the White House Press Conference is discussing whether or not Ted Cruz is Satan. In the words of the Champagne Supernova, “Why, why, why, why?”

You can watch Earnest’s comments below.

Boehner’s comments are far from the first discontent Cruz’s colleagues have expressed while working with him. Salon calls him the “most hated man in Congress.” What the reason for the hate amounts to is that Cruz is very, very conservative, having been elected as a rookie to the Senate on a Tea Party style platform. His way of doing business was integral to the federal government shutdown over the Affordable Care Act some time ago.

And he is not any more favorably viewed by the people that he may end up representing as President of the United States, may it never be. A solid majority of people view him unfavorably, according to HuffPost Pollster’s average. You can see the chart below.

cruzfavorable-rating WATCH: The White House Just Hilariously Responded To Cruz Being Called 'Lucifer' (VIDEO) Politics Top Stories

Another funny point related to the Ted Cruz/Lucifer discussion is that a Google search of “cruz lucifer” actually offers an autocorrect option that has nothing to do with the Senator. The option is “cruz luciferiana,” which translates from Spanish to “Luciferian cross.” According to the magical imprecision that is the internet, Luciferianism is not Satanism. Instead, it is more like a ‘casual spiritualism.’

This is not the only time the White House Press Conference has gotten lighthearted. Storm troopers came in honor of the Star Wars movie release, and also today, the press secretary from ‘West Wing’ came in Earnest’s place.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.