BREAKING: At Least 24 People Dead, Another 28 Wounded In Deadly Terrorist Attack In Busy Marketplace

(Via AFP Photo/Haidar Mohammed Ali)

A brutal attack in a busy marketplace has left at least 24 people dead this morning. Little is known at this time, however, CNN is reporting that the attack occurred in the “Nahrawan town, 40 miles from the Iraqi capital.” The targets of the attack appear to be Shiite pilgrims walking to the shrine of Imam Musa Kadhim.

According to Yahoo News:

“The bomb was left on a road in the Nahrawan area used by Shiite pilgrims who are walking to the shrine of Imam Musa Kadhim in northern Baghdad for annual commemorations.

Kadhim, the seventh of 12 imams revered in Shiite Islam, died in 799 AD. The commemoration has in recent years turned into a huge event that brings the Iraqi capital to a standstill for days.”

The Islamic state jihadist group is typically the group responsible for attacks in this area of Iraq, but no one has claied responsibility for the atrocious act as of yet. Last year, during the same annual pilgrimage, there was a similar attack against the Shiite people that left 13 dead.

Check back here for details on this incident as they break.