Trump Supporter Arrested For Bomb-Making And Large Arsenal (Language)


There has been some question about whether Donald Trump is in the early throes of Alzheimer’s because he is so contradictory, so confrontational, so erratic. So, it stands to reason that he is drawing some real nut jobs to him, and this loon may win the prize for being number one in the cuckoo nest.

Meet John Martin Roos. The Oregon man doesn’t like President Barack Obama. In fact, Roos, 61, dislikes our president so much that he did more than threaten to kill the leader of the free world. But let’s back up.

In November, Roos was angry about the US accepting refugees, so he decided it would be a good idea to threaten the President, according to “The Huffington Post:”

‘Obama you goat fffing fudgepacker, the refugees are men of fighting age. Black lives matter! Sure we need someone to pick cotton and wash cars. Paris, burn diseased muslim neighborhoods to the ground and start over with human beings. Obama you are on a hit list.’

This post has since been removed, but not before the FBI noticed. Roos is a real Facebook and Twitter fan, because social media is a perfect medium to express his racist hatred toward the president.

According to Roos, the establishment “is trying to steal the election” from his hero, one Donald J. Trump. But being on Roos’ happy list is a little scary. On Christmas Eve, he wrote:

‘All hail Donald Trump, the savior of America. I’ll bet he was born on Dec 25 just like Jesus.’

Wrongo, the real estate king was born on June 14, 1946.

You get the strange sense that Trump would like this guy. When Roos got onto Facebook in January, he called agents “pussies” and wrote of his intention to “snipe them with hunting rifles everywhere.”

The Oregon man has been on the FBI’s radar ever since a “concerned citizen” brought Roos’ Facebook and Twitter postings to the FBI’s attention in February, according to an affidavit from special agent Jeffrey Gray.

In March, two FBI special agents called on him to ask about the posts. Roos willingly accepted responsibility for his social media posts. He said that his threats were just how he “blows off steam.” God forbid, he was really angry.

Then, in April, Roos decided to follow his leader [Trump], and take on the “liberal media…slamming police.” Of course, he doesn’t like police either, but he likes the media even less.

Much like his hero Trump, Roos is inconsistent. At first he said he wasn’t really going to hurt anyone, then he followed that up by saying he would like to “punch Obama in the nose,” given the chance.

The FBI agents gathered enough information to obtain a search warrant, from a federal judge, to search Roos’ home, which he shares with a roommate. In the agents’ affidavit, they said they found “an AK-47 like firearm,” hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a .45 caliber Glock, and a rifle and shotgun, all hidden in the couch.

But that was just the start. Roos kept four pipe bombs in a bucket next to his computer desk, maybe for inspiration? In the man’s truck, the agents discovered another weapon beneath the floor mat.

This week the FBI arrested Roos in Oregon, following multiple threats to kill the President. That was when federal agents talked about the man’s arsenal and bombs, according to court testimony Friday.

Roos has been one of Trump’s most fervent supporters, but “hate” is too gentle of a word for how he feels about President Obama. The Oregon man fully believes that the President is a Muslim, referring to him on the social media as a ‘muslim faggot” and other offensive words.

It wouldn’t be enough for Roos to kill the President, though. He also wants to kill the entire Obama family. If Trump denigrates women, this crazy slurs all over Michelle Obama with racist and sexist terms, according to the FBI’s affidavit.

Along with coming down on the first family, Roos slammed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and reporter Michelle Fields. He doesn’t like the new Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Beyoncé, either. You would think that the guy’s agitation would simmer down if only he quit listening to Beyonce’s music. Maybe, Roos just has the same problem Trump has with strong women.

So, who does Roos like? He liked the recently deceased Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia and believes that President Obama sneaked up on the justice and somehow killed him. He speaks kindly about Ann Coulter and Stacey Dash, plus he put several links to in his posts.

Authorities charged Roos with communication of a threat in interstate commerce, and additional charges will certainly be forthcoming.

Sorry Donald Trump, Roos won’t be able to vote for you now, but you can always count on your other masses of fanatics.

Featured Image: John Martin Roos, Facebook.

H/T: Huffington Post.