Young Child Has The PERFECT Protest Response To Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is well on his way to doing his very best to turn this nation into more of a chaotic mess than it is already. Say he loses the nomination? His supporters have threatened “bloodshed.” Say he wins the nomination? He could either lose and go nuts or win and remain nuts. And this is no laughing matter. One of the last times we saw a leader like Trump, he murdered millions upon millions of people.

Well, one little kid has a startlingly and poetically elegant response to Trump. You can see it below.

He delivered his message outside of the kickoff to the California GOP Convention yesterday. Donald Trump was a keynote speaker.

As most are aware, the message written on the sign is a parody of the Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Really digging into this phrase shows what is so wrong with it.

What is the subject? “America.” Not, “Americans,” but “America.” And what exactly is America? Well, for a rich white man, it’s a country of rich white men. America is an ideal, and since people think of ideals, they can turn them into whatever they please. People like immigrants (who isn’t one or descended from them?) have no place in Trump’s ideal America.

Not just in theory, either. Since the very beginning of Trump’s campaign, he has made it a focus to claim wildly outrageous things about Mexican immigrants.

And this young fellow has the perfect response to all of this startlingly relevant rubbish. (Well, his parents thought of it, not discounting that he fully grasps what he is doing.) In actual history, a huge part of America is really Mexico. Like, all of the Southwest, to be exact. So, really getting back to the roots of America brings it back to Mexico.

And this is far from the first eloquent protest of the GOP front runner’s anti-immigration policies. A short time ago, a Mexican worker hung a Mexican flag from the top of a Trump building still under construction in Canada. And, before, that, a video went viral of a Mexican worker smacking down Trump’s notion that Mexican immigration was somehow bringing America down.

Below, you can watch a video interview of other protestors from the same day. The protests continued on Saturday, and came in the aftermath of startlingly violent protests at a campaign rally for Trump on Thursday.

Featured Image via nathanmac87 on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.