Malia Obama Ignores The Haters And Announces MAJOR Life Decision (DETAILS)


According to a statement released by the White House today, President Obama’s oldest daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in 2017:

‘The President and Mrs. Obama announced that their daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017 as a member of the Class of 2021. Malia will take a gap year before beginning school.’

Malia, who turned 18 in July will take a year off before attending the nation’s oldest institution of higher education. She and her sister Sasha have undergone a good deal of scrutiny during their father’s time in the White House, and while Harvard encourages students to take a so-called gap year, the time off will also mean her father will no longer be president when she begins her freshman year.

Gil Troy, a presidential historian at McGill University and the author of “The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s,” told “The New York Times” that:

‘When you’re a presidential has-been, the rest of your life you’re famous, you’re a target, you’re in a security bubble, but it’s not the same. The kids can get to at least some level of irrelevance that they absolutely cannot get when they’re still in the White House.’

It’s true that the children of presidents undergo a special kind of scrutiny and one can only imagine the particular pressures of being the first African-American family in the White House. And Malia has received her fair share of attention thanks to social media.

Much ado about nothing went down when a selfie of the Obamas’ eldest wearing a Pro Era t-shirt began circulating. Hip-hop in the White House? You can bet that didn’t happen when Bush was in office. But you have to respect Joey Bada$$.

And then there was the time Malia visited Brown as a prospective student and someone snapped a pic of her next to a beer pong table.

Thanks, Steve Holt. Maybe a year off isn’t such a bad idea after all. Here for your viewing pleasure is the Obama daughters not caring about the stupid crap Dad has to do to get good press once in a while.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons licensed under public domain.