Bernie Sanders Announces Path To Nomination: Show Superdelegates Only He Can Beat Trump


Bernie Sanders is calling for a contested Democratic convention. That is where the superdelegates are, so why not go for it?  He has a good shot at winning Indiana, a great one in California and Oregon, and even West Virginia and Kentucky. But there is another fantastic reason for a contested convention.

The media keeps saying that Bernie can’t win, but they have been saying that ever since the Vermont senator began. Their refrain is false, and it is getting really old.

A contested convention would be fun, too! Even though Hillary Clinton’s people and the media keep pushing her superdelegate numbers as solid gold, these delegates can change their vote at any time. There are 719 superdelegates, made up of party insiders and Democratic elected officials.

Speaking to the National Press Club in Washington, Bernie asked for the Democratic superdelegates to reconsider their allegiances to Hillary, especially where he won or where they went to Hillary before Bernie entered the race. He says that she is quite unlikely to win the 2,383 delegates either candidate requires to win the nomination on purely primaries and caucuses alone.

According to the Washington Post, Bernie said:

‘They’re going to have to go into their hearts, and they are going to have to ask, do they want the second strongest candidate to run against [GOP front-runner Donald] Trump or do they want the strongest candidate?’

He points out that Hillary has to have her superdelegates to win, because she won’t have enough delegates picked up in the primary states. Bernie said, she:

‘…will need superdelegates to take over the top at the convention in Philadelphia.’

‘I would ask the superdelegates from the state of Washington to respect the wishes of the people in their state.’

Take Washington state, for example. Bernie won the caucuses with almost 73 percent of the vote, in “a massive landslide.” But Hillary has 10 superdelegates from Washington and Bernie has zero, zilch, none.

After all, Bernie is as he says, “entitled” to pick up as many superdelegates as he can in a contested convention. That is called playing fair in the nomination primaries, something other candidates should strive to accomplish.

Check out Bernie’s video announcing his contested convention below:

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons.

H/T: Washington Post.