BREAKING: Data Breach Leaves Millions Of Voting Records Stolen, Massive Fraud Feared (VIDEO)


In mind bending revelations, hundreds of millions of voter registration records have been hacked into and leaked. The attack is from foreign based hackers who are reportedly selling the data for thousands of dollars a batch.

The ramifications of this leak are shocking. Foreign entity after foreign entity has an interest in American electoral results. Such parties include the Chinese government, the Russian government, and non-governmental terror groups, such as the startlingly tech savvy Islamic State.

Many of these entities are not afraid to engage in already documented cyber attacks on the US Government.

According to Joseph Kiniry, the CEO of the election security firm Free and Fair,

‘If you can go in there and delete rows based on someone’s name or political affiliation, we will have a massively screwed up election process on the day.’

Cory Bennett of The Hill claims, “For now, the threat is speculative. But the U.S. not yet had an election in the wake of these massive breaches that revealed the inherent insecurity of voter data.”

Not so fast. Yes, in fact, we have. We have had election after election, to be precise, from New York to Arizona.

To say these elections -primaries, but still elections- have gone smoothly is a pleasant-feeling lie. In New York, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of voters were removed from the voter rolls. The scope of the disaster resulted in the firing of one electoral official. In Arizona, the number of missing voting records -and turned away voters -was in the thousands.

In other words, this massively shocking revelation comes after people already knew it was happening. According to Kiniry,

‘In the USA, the concern I hold is if our registration systems are easily manipulated, we’re not going to see breaches, were going to see voter ID manipulation remotely.’

His concern is very much more than a concern. This has already been happening, leaving people speechless.

It’s not just New York or Arizona, and it’s not random. The most of these attacks have been across the nation, and they have largely been directed at Sanders supporters, such as the Sekos of Missouri. In a post on Facebook, Jim Seko said, “My wife and I attempted to vote in the Missouri primary on March 15th but we were told our voter registration had expired. We were given provisional ballots. I didn’t think much about it at the time.”

The scary thing is the ease with which the attacks are taking place. Most are well aware when they receive a political phone call that their voter registration information is public record. The hackers therefore have an in for being able to change that data -or just delete it.

The issues that have arisen are within the scope of the pre-existing electoral system. If voting was more free, the lack of a registration could not be given as an excuse to turn voters away. One currently advancing suggestion towards this goal is automatic voter registration.

This catastrophe is huger than we realize. The American elections are effectively shown to be, to put it softly, questionably valid.

Watch a report from The Hill below.

Featured Image via Man Vyi on Wikimedia Commons. It is public domain.