JUST IN: New California Poll Numbers Leave Very Little Doubt As To Who Will Win


In the latest shocking development on the road to the White House, Donald Trump just got another huge push towards his potential win. A SurveyUSA poll of the California GOP released today has Trump 34 points ahead of his closest competitor, US Senator Ted Cruz. That’s a 34% gap, Trump standing at 54% and Cruz at 20%. Ohio Governor John Kasich is right behind Cruz, with 16% of the vote.

According to Five Thirty Eight’s pollster reliability ratings, this poll from SurveyUSA has a very high likelihood of being right on. SurveyUSA is rated as an “A” pollster, which is far from common.

That numerical chasm is the largest that it has ever been up until now. The spike comes after Trump made a huge thud of a tour around the state, sparking riots. At one point he had to flee his car on foot away from the protestors. You can see the spike in the graph of the Huffington Post polling average, which has him far ahead of his competitors, as you can see below.

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That number is also a pummeling of any dreams of anyone who wants a GOP nominee other than Donald Trump. The so-called last stand for the Never Trump crowd has materialized in time for tomorrow’s Indiana primary. And by all appearances, it will be the end of the hopes of Ted Cruz and everybody else. Five Thirty Eight analysts currently have Trump set with a 83% chance of scoring a win. You can see their graph below.

andtrumpwnsinda JUST IN: New California Poll Numbers Leave Very Little Doubt As To Who Will Win Election 2016 Top Stories

As you can see above, prospects temporarily looked good for Cruz. Cruz and Kasich, the two remaining candidates who aren’t Trump, were so confident in their possibility of pulling off an upset that Kasich pulled out of the state completely to make room for the rise of Cruz that, according to some, was “foretold by God.” Kasich for his part decided to focus on a couple of states out West.

They hoped that they could block Trump from a majority of delegates. From there they hoped to take the nomination out of Trump’s hands through procedurally and obscenely undemocratic measures.

The key verb tense here is “hoped,” because, yeah, that didn’t happen. Cruz fell just like his “losing mate” Vice Presidential pick Carly Fiorina fell off a rally stage yesterday while he just watched.

Yesterday none of this really mattered, at least to the public eye. In all general election matchup polls before today, both Democratic candidates pummeled Trump.

But, again, that was before today. A Rasmussen poll released today has Trump barely ahead of Clinton in a general election matchup. Technically, due to the margin of error, Trump and Clinton are tied. But, Trump is the favored leader in this new poll.

US Senator Bernie Sanders still has a much better chance of beating Trump in the general election. But, he isn’t running against Trump. He’s running against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic machine, and it’s not working, at least not yet. He lags behind due to procedural difficulties in the primary process hurting his strategy and disenfranchising his voter base.

In other words, Trump may really be on his way to the White House.

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