Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Butt At Indiana Mall


A 24-year-old Indiana man was hospitalized Friday afternoon after accidentally shooting himself at the Greenwood Park Mall while using the bathroom. He shot himself in the butt. Every time the Franklin man sits down, he’ll remember that day he shot his own butt.

According to a police report, the man was using the restroom at the mall and was putting his .45-caliber handgun back into his holster when the gun accidentally fired, the Daily Journal reports.

The police report says the bullet went into his right buttock and exited from his right leg.

The holster rests inside of the man’s waistband along the right hip. On the plus side, the gun and holster were not harmed during the shooting. The NRA is thrilled.

The unidentified man was transported to the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

In addition to his self-sustained injury in his butt (we can’t say that enough), the bullet also Second Amendmented a piece of the tile floor in the bathroom.

The number of ‘accidental’ shootings this year alone is jaw-dropping.  The number of toddlers shooting themselves or others n 2016 is just sad. But remember, we cannot discuss this problem because our elected officials are paid off by gun lobbyists so just keep your mouth shut and buy more guns, more guns, more guns, more guns. Also, more guns, because more guns will keep us safer because more guns, ad nauseum.

Featured image: Concealed Carry.