NBC Maps Out The Trump vs. Clinton General Election And The Results Are Incredible


The upcoming 2016 election has voters all over America scrambling to the polls to get their primary votes accounted for in hopes their candidate will gain the nomination for the upcoming general election. How it looks for America right now, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be feuding it out across America in hopes of gaining the oval office. Chuck Todd, host of MSNBC’s Meet The Press, broke down a hypothetical Trump vs. Clinton general election and how it may play out.

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This map color codes the states based on how they voted in the last 4 elections. States that have voted democrat in at least 3 of the last 4 elections are blue, while those that voted Republican are red. The purple states are those that have voted Democrat in 2 of the last 4 general elections and Republican in the other 2. According to this map Todd outlines on Meet The Press, Trump will need 64 more votes from the purple states to win the general election while Clinton will only need 13.

Todd outlines if Trump were…

‘To win the big 6 here of Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, he get’s 60, 4 short of the 64 he needs.’

He continues with Trump’s projected plans to win the general election.

“[Trump is going to] try to win some states that haven’t gone red in a generation.”

Trump is trying to win states like Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey that have voted Democrat in the last 4 elections. His plan seems a bit absurd and illogical though only the upcoming election can prove how this will all play out.

Clinton’s projected path to victory looks a lot more stable. After gaining votes from states that have voted Democrat in the last 4 elections, Clinton only needs 13 votes from the purple states to win. These votes can be obtained by winning just one of the purple states and can seal the deal for Clinton in the upcoming general election. With New Mexico and Nevada having a large Hispanic population, many voters may vote for Clinton due to Trump’s lack of respect for minorities.

The 2016 general election is coming up fast and these candidates hope to continue campaigning across America in order to secure the presidency. Chuck Todd’s hypothetical general election map outline may just be how this election plays out.

Watch the Meet The Press segment below.

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