BREAKING: Anonymous Just Hacked Denver Police After Toddler Sees Father Murdered By Cop


A group directly affiliated with Anonymous, New Word Hacking or NWH, is responsible for taking police websites out of commission after the brutal execution of a father in front of his family. The officer involved in the shooting has a shady past of being involved in controversial treatment of civilians, including at least one other contested shooting.

On April 12th, a Denver police SWAT team approached the vehicle of 39-year old Dion Avila, who was waiting outside a courthouse, where he had just dropped his wife and child off to pay a traffic ticket. Moments after the woman and child getting out of the car, police rammed Avila’s vehicle and shot him to death within seconds in order to serve a warrant for suspicion of robbery.

Avila’s windshield after Officer Motz fired 7 rounds into it. (Photo courtesy of Free Thought Project)

The officer who fired 7 shots into the windshield of Avila’s car says that he feared for his life after Avila tried an escape maneuver in the car. Avila’s wife gave this statement to the media:

“I was coming here to pay a fine, and we parked. I asked my husband if he wanted to come in and he said no he’ll wait in the car. Then I see a truck come up and hit my car, and it startled me so hugged my son and grabbed him.”

Avila’s wife and child watched as he took his last breathe at the hands of 23-year Denver police veteran Jeff Motz. Motz’s record is less than squeaky clean, however. Unicorn Riot says this about the track record of the officer who killed Dion Avila:

“Prior to murdering Dion Avila Damon, Jeff Motz had been involved in two other high-profile, contested shootings.
In 2003, Motz, then an officer and not a technician, was one of eight cops who fired shots during theDenver Police killing of Shaun Gilman, a 20-year-old mentally ill man whose family called the police when he was having an episode. Shortly after Motz & other officers killed her son, Katie Gilman told the Denver Post, “Some training has to be done. And if the police officers feel threatened, they should be able to call somebody. There has to be something other than a bullet to help these people.”

“On January 16, 2013, Tech. Jeff Motz was involved in a pursuit of a suspect in a pickup truck who led police on a chase and a shootout ensued. After the chase ended, Michael Valdez, a bystander who had been riding in the truck, was shot in his back and his hand while he was detained face down on the ground. Valdez survived, and after being held in jail for months on over a dozen false felony charges, he sued five police officers including Jeff Motz. The case appears to be ongoing. According to the lawsuit, “While prone on the ground with his face in the grass and his hands extended overhead, Valdez was shot by the defendant officers, once in his back and once to his fourth finger as he tried to shield his head from gunshots.“”

Officer Jeff Motz (Photo courtesy of Unicorn Riot)

The Dever police department released a statement to the media regarding the incident in which they said they did not know if Avila was armed, despite his wife’s screams of “please don’t shoot, I’m not armed my husband’s not armed.” Members of New World Hacking took the liberty of making life a little tougher for Denver executioners police by completely shutting down their technical resources.

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Below is a copy of the incident report as created by the Denver Police Department:

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