BREAKING: Indiana Republican Primary Votes Have Been Counted And The Winner Is…


Donald Trump has won the Indiana Republican primary. His win comes after making a comeback in the polls after a brief second place run behind rival US Senator Ted Cruz.

In the days leading up the primary, he scored major endorsements — although Cruz did as well. Who exactly endorsed though helps tell the story. Cruz got the endorsement of radical right wing Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Trump got the endorsements of football coaches. People like football coaches; they don’t like Pence. As an example, Pence is the man responsible for the now notorious “religious freedom bill” that allowed people to be refused service based on “religious beliefs.” A person like that only appeals to very limited numbers of voters.

Yes, that is the level the GOP race for the nomination and the Trump — and Cruz — campaign is running on and exploiting.

This win for Trump spells out his almost certain path to the nomination. Indiana was one of the last battleground states for the Never Trump movement and the man himself. In this light, Ohio Governor John Kasich effectively suspended his campaign in the state to make room for Cruz to hopefully score a win in the Hoosier State.

And it didn’t work. Off from here, it’s to the minority of states that are left to vote. The largest by far, and the largest on the primary calendar altogether, is California, which votes on June 7.

Sure, another candidate could win who is not Trump. Anything could happen. But “anything” isn’t likely. Donald Trump is sky high in the polls and only looking up among California Republican voters. The latest numbers have him with a 34% lead over his serial runner up, Cruz.

And his path to the White House gets brighter — for him, not everyone else — every day. Facing a likely challenger with beyond low favorability ratings, some of the latest general election matchup polls have Trump and Hillary Clinton tied.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.