Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Appearance On CNN Earns Him Another ‘Pants On Fire’ Rating


Trump appeared on CNN’s New Day on Monday for an interview with Chris Cuomo. When Politifact checked some of his statements on that show, specifically those around Hillary Clinton’s popularity with women, he earned yet another “Pants On Fire.”

First, Trump doubled down on his earlier sexist comments, asserting that Hillary was only winning because she’s a woman.

‘She’s playing the woman card,’ Trump told host Chris Cuomo. ‘And if she didn’t play the woman card, she would have no chance whatsoever of winning.’

He went even farther this time, though, saying that:

‘Frankly, (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t do very well with women,’ Trump said. ‘If you look at what happened recently, … in the last two weeks, including New York. I won with women by vast, vast majorities. I was way, way up with women far above anybody else in the exit polls of the recent election.’

Except that’s not even close to being true.

Politifact first looked at Trump’s claim that he does well with women. It is true that Trump has pulled votes from women, winning “57 percent of women in the New York primary, 55 percent of women in the Connecticut primary, 50 percent of women in the Maryland primary, and 54 percent of women in the Pennsylvania primary.” However, Trump’s gender gap is also significant. Republican women support Trump consistently less than Republican men.

Clinton, on the other hand, beats Trump on attracting women’s votes by a vast margin. According to polls conducted by realclearpolitics.com and analyzed by Politifact, Clinton’s women voters will lead her to handily defeat Trump in the general election should the two become the nominees.

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Image via Politifact

Clearly, Clinton does very well with women and far better than Trump. Perhaps he’s confused and believes that winning 57% of GOP women means he won 57% of all women voters?

Has anyone explained to him how primaries work?

Trump’s ratings on Politifact have been consistently negative. Only 21% of the statements they’ve analyzed from Donald Trump have been rated True, Mostly True, or Half True. A full 58% are rated False or Mostly False, and a whopping 18% are rated Pants On Fire.

See video of the interview below:



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