Hillary Clinton Reaches Out To Bernie Sanders, Promises Progressive Campaign (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, stating that she hoped to work with rival, Bernie Sanders, going forward.

Sanders’s has stated that he will remain in the race all the way until the Democratic National Convention, although there is almost no chance now that he will be able to clinch the nomination. Instead, he intends to continue in the race to advance the national discussion regarding progressive policies as a way to advance the Democratic party.

Interviewer Jake Tapper asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

‘Senator Sanders issued a statement…that suggested he’s not necessarily running to win anymore, he’s running to advance progressive causes on the Democratic platform; specifically, he named $15 minimum wage at the national level, Medicare for all, breaking up the banks, changing our trade policy, and passing a tax on carbon. Are these issues where you think you could make a deal with Senator Sanders, find some common ground and get those issues on the platform, should you be the nominee?’

Clinton then reached out to Senator Sanders with a desire to work together to advance his ideas in the coming general election.

‘Well, I certainly look forward to working with Senator Sanders in the lead-up to the convention, in the lead-up to the platform that will represent the Democratic party. It will be a progressive platform, I’ve run on a progressive agenda. I really welcome his ideas and his supporters’s passion and commitment, because the most important thing is to win in November. There is no more important goal, and I was pleased when Senator Sanders said the other day he’s going to work tirelessly, seven days a week, to make sure Donald Trump is not president and I really welcome that, because that has to be our primary objective.’

Secretary Clinton certainly has a long way to go toward convincing many of Sanders’s supporters to support her campaign. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll as recently as March, 33% of Bernie’s supporters say they cannot imagine switching their allegiance from Sanders to Clinton. Although most polls still show Clinton beating Trump in a general election, Clinton will most likely need to appeal to at least some of those die-hard Sanders supporters to feel secure heading into November.

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