Little Kids Caught On Video Flipping Off Trump Supporters And The Internet Has Gone Nuts (VIDEO)


It’s very funny to see the variety in the way different groups of people are perceived. When Trump supporters flip off and scream expletives at protesters, they are patriotic, they love their country, and they’re enthusiastic supporters. When a group of Trump protesters flip off and scream expletives at supporters, they are vulgar, disturbing, and angry. It’s kind of similar to the way only Hillary Clinton gets accused of screaming at everyone when she gets passionate about a topic, the same as her male counterparts.

In the video below, courtesy of News Broadcasts via YouTube, you can see a group of anti-Trump protesters engaging from the side of the road with several Trump supporters who are passing in cars. The protesters, a mix of children and adults, some sporting Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton paraphernalia, are yelling explicit things at the supporters, primarily different versions of “F*ck you!”

Admittedly, the language is harsh. But so are the things Trump and his supporters have said about Hispanic people and other minorities, who made up the bulk of this particular crowd of protesters. If a presidential candidate called you a rapist and said he wanted to build a wall around the country to keep you out, don’t you think you’d be angry, too?

There is always the argument that two wrongs don’t make a right. Some people will argue that, just because Trump and his supporters have said horrible things about minorities, those minorities shouldn’t react in the same manner. Is there merit to this argument, though, or is it nothing more than respectability politics?

Reactions to the interactions between these protesters and supporters has sparked a lot of debate. On Fox News’s The Kelly File, Bernie Sanders supporter Nomiki Konst and Trump supporter David Wohl faced off about the video, and, naturally things got very heated, very quickly.

Konst argued,

‘There’s only one person running for president that has that type of rhetoric, and it is that man, right there to the right of the screen, who is Donald Trump. And he has said much worse on a public stage nationally.’

She then added,

‘Take responsibility for your candidate, David.’

Despite being a lawyer, Wohl made some ridiculous claims about parents who bring their children to protest committing a felony.

‘The reality is, any parent who’s thinking about exploiting or endangering their child for political gain as those parents were, think again. It’s a felony … It’s a disastrously bad idea.’

Wohl also argued that “the parents of these children are presumptively Hillary Clinton voters,” — even though some were clearly supporters of Sanders — and put responsibility on Clinton to condemn these protesters.

‘Until she comes out and condemns this, condemns it completely and unequivocally, then she’s going to own this type of behavior, and she’s going to pay for it down the road. And it’s going to be a cruel, cruel summer for Hillary until she really comes out and lets people know this is unacceptable.’

Konst scoffed at Wohl’s claims, and also noted that the protesters in the video “are angry people,” but are “not indicative of the entire movement.”

This is true, but what if they were? Is it so wrong for the American people to be angry about the state of the country, at the person who is likely going to be the Republican nominee spewing hatred left and right and encouraging violence and bigotry? Many people feel that anger is always a bad thing, but a political revolution, like that which Bernie Sanders is fighting for, is never going to happen unless people get angry.

Watch Konst and Wohl’s whole debate below, via Fox News Insider.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.