BREAKING: Workplace Shooting Hits At Least Two People, Nearby Elementary School On Lockdown (LIVE FEED)


Two Texas schools are on lockdown after a reported nearby mass shooting. Put in other words, hundreds of children are just coming out of serious physical and psychological danger.

The gunman reportedly opened fire in a business near the school and wounded several people, conditions mostly unknown.

According to the latest report, two victims have been confirmed as killed.

The business is apparently the office of a trucking company. There could be more than 2 casualties, as is indicated in the coverage below.

In addition to the casualties, “several people are injured,” as reported below.

According to ABC News, the gunman is “down.”

According to a further report, this categorization indicates that he was killed. The shooter may be the second person initially reported as dead, in addition to 1 victim.

He was taken out by police forces, an image of which you can see below.

There have already been 93 mass shootings this year in the United States. And, this is far from the first incident affecting children. One of the worst recent mass shootings in American history is the now infamous Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in the Northeastern United States.

Guns flow more freely in the United States than, in some areas, clean water. In other words, these shootings don’t just fall out of thin air. Cause and effect is basic logic for a reason, since effects really do have causes.

And it literally goes to the level of a small child to ignore that and say these mass shootings somehow have nothing to do with guns. Really? If the guns weren’t available, the shootings wouldn’t take place.

This is a developing story. Check back at this link for updates. Find a news clip of the incident below, via ABC News on Twitter.

Sky News, based out of the United Kingdom, is also covering our latest atrocity. Find their video below.