MUST SEE: Sarah Palin Hilariously Tries To Sway Democrats To Vote For Trump (VIDEO)


Sarah Palin has poked her nose out of her Alaskan donation-funded hiding hole to attempt a literate message to Democrats and Independents regarding the 2016 presidential election. Palin came out urging “Independents and smart Democrats” to back Donald Trump so that we can see a real change in America.

It was the typical GOP doom and gloom as Palin painted the current state of the government to be in a dire state of distress that could only be mended by a racist bigot like Donald Trump. She then goes on to call Donald Trump the “revolutionary” that will “make America great again.” Hey, we didn’t say she’d gotten off the sauce, we just said she tried her best to tone it down. The possibility of sedation is still plausible, however.

Palin said this in the video below:

“To all of you who believed in making a real difference in our politics and in the way things have been done in the past that have put America in a pretty precarious position. Thank you so much for supporting Trump and believing in this idea of being able to make America great again. We’re finally on the road to do so, but we do have to unite first.”

Palin did not go into detail about what “precarious position” America was supposedly in, but hey, we’re just happy she used real words this time.

She continued:

“Truly it is time to come together, pull together — remember that united we will stand, our country will stand united. Divided, we’re going to fall. So now, after participating in some really healthy, kind of arduous competition, and now, more than ever, it’s time to come together and put some differences aside. Stand on principle, that principle that, yeah, we have opportunity to make America great again.”

“We’ve needed a revolution, and we’ve found our revolutionary. Thanks for all your hard work. Congratulations, Donald J. Trump — and here we go, on the road to make America great again.”

Video courtesy of YouTube: