Ted Cruz Ends Campaign By Literally Smacking Wife In The Face Twice (VIDEO)


US Senator Ted Cruz ended his presidential bid last night. He was the most successful candidate in the GOP who opposed Donald Trump, if you can call losing success. He had banked all his hope of a dramatic comeback on winning yesterday’s Indiana primary. And, whether it’s because he said “basketball ring” or was just thought of as a creep by Hoosier GOP voters, he didn’t win. He lost by almost 17%.

After announcing his dropout, he almost made his wife dropout from the world of the conscious. As you can see below, he almost knocked her out when reaching around to hug his dad, Rafael, after his concession speech.

Obviously this isn’t the only mishap of his campaign. He lost. But not only that, this isn’t the only physical mishap of his campaign either.

Just last week, his “losing mate” Vice Presidential pick Carly Fiorina literally walked right off a stage. Cruz just stood back and watched. And, on top of that, Cruz and Fiorina were widely ridiculed for their pathetic attempt at grasping their raised hands. Before that, images widely circulated of Cruz’s daughter pulling away from her dad when he tried to give her a kiss. On a more sinister note, anonymous parties tried to bring down the Senator long before now with a sex scandal.

Why voters care about any of this is telling as to what the drive of politics has done to their priorities.

With Cruz out of the race, according to GOP Chairman Reince Priebus — and the separate entity of common sense — Donald Trump is the “presumptive nominee.”

Whether or not Trump can win the Presidency in November is a different story. The race, in which he will likely but far from certainly face Hillary Clinton, is thoroughly up in the air. For reasonable purposes, nobody likes Trump or Clinton. There are few who really feel thrilled to vote for either.

A recent poll actually, shockingly, had Trump barely ahead of Clinton in a general election matchup. For the record, underdog Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, should he make a comeback and become the Democratic nominee, crushes Trump according to all available forecasts. People love Sanders.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.