Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Reacts To Him Dropping Out Of Presidential Race & It Is Hilarious (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 Presidential Election Race after falling victim to the Trump train. Cruz tried to appeal to the American public to help him take down the evil might of The Donald, but his pleas fell on deaf ears and, like all other Republicans before him, he looked on helplessly as Trump rolled over him like a damsel tied to railway tracks, not giving a second thought to his defeated opponent.

If you thought Cruz might get a reprieve from his humiliating defeat, you’d be completely wrong. Cruz’s ex-Princeton roommate, Hollywood screenwriter Craig Mazin, has once again taken to Twitter to hammer the final nails into the coffin that houses the Cruz campaign. There’s no love lost between the former roommates. Mazin has been vocal since the campaign began, dishing the dirt and making scathing critiques of Cruz:

‘I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.’

Ouch. Then he got personal:

“Ted would talk about the women he thought he had a shot with. Pretty sure he remained untouched by a woman those four years.”

Now the news that Cruz has abandoned his campaign has caused Mazin to take to Twitter once more to express his delight and reiterate his dislike of the Republican failure. His tweets today are an odd juxtaposition of joyous spite, they show a deep-seated dislike for the failed Republican candidate, and if they were aimed at anyone other than Ted Cruz, the most disliked person ever apparently, you’d struggle not to feel bad for their target:

“Ted Cruz kept saying God wanted him to be President, and this is what happened. So either there is no God, or he reeeeally doesn’t like Ted.”

God, it seems, changed her mind somewhere along the way. So Ted is out and only Mr. Popularity himself, John Kasich, stands between Trump and the Republican nomination. Cruz suffered humiliation after humiliation at the hands of his rival, he put up with the nickname ‘lyin’ Ted‘, he stood by as Trump, and what seemed like the whole of the internet mercilessly mocked his wife, and he failed to understand why nobody with any sense of self-decency would elect someone like him as President, a man whose beliefs and opinions were so outdated and bigoted that Trump moved ahead as the more liberal Republican option.

So thanks for the memories Ted. What you lacked in kindness, compassion, progressive thought, and intelligence, you made up for in laughs and internet memes, and you did try and take down Trump, which is more than we can say for John Kasich. To remember Ted, let’s watch a video of some of his supporters being tricked into reading Mazin’s mean tweets:

Featured Image: Getty