Texas City Revolts! Citizens Refuse To Allow Bigoted Anti LGBT Bathroom Law


Some wise guy up in the hierarchy of the Republican Party must have decided it was time for the GOP to blow to smithereens — or at least try and get as close to that as possible. The blast will most likely come on election results night in November, and it will probably come with a loud thud as the GOP  fails in its attempt to hold on to political power. They just effectively nominated one of the most hated men in America as their candidate. Trump could pull off a win in November, but that’s a different story.

The kindling for this blast continues to be made ready by the insanity with which Republicans peddle anti-LGBT moves across the nation. In North Carolina, for example, the GOP state government swooped in and bashed in any hope of LGBT rights in the state.

The latest attempt towards this same goal was in a small Texas town, where the one responsible for the introduction of the implicating measure was the town mayor.

The mayor, Jim Pruitt, thought it was a good idea to try and pass a measure criminalizing the action of going to the bathroom or allowing someone to. Let’s see if you can guess who the measure was directed at — that’s right, the transgender community.

Well, to put it one way, his colleagues didn’t agree with his proposal. Not a single person would even second his motion to officially consider the measure.

It’s not like they had to stretch anything to see right through his measure as nothing more than a hate fountain. Just behold one of the mayor’s arguments:

‘This is for our children’s security, and frankly I don’t think a young girl should be subjected to seeing another’s genitalia when they are changing alone in a public restroom.’

Um, Mr. Mayor? Do you realize that if anyone sees anyone’s genitalia then something is most certainly wrong? Um, is there a place where that is appropriate? You did mention that it is unacceptable “when they are changing alone in a public restroom.” Is it acceptable other places? To put it one way, what the f*ck are you talking about?

One of the city councilmen, David White, had a frank and obvious sentiment to say back to the mayor, with whom he reportedly got in a “heated exchange.”

‘If you believe that Target is a dangerous place for your child, don’t go. I think when government starts getting involved in where you pee or poop, it’s God-dang ridiculous.’

The reference to Target is because the company recently announced that it would allow transgender persons to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender, as opposed to “biological sex.” The measure proposed by Pruitt was in direct opposition to the actions undertaken by Target.

And the smackdown was epic. Not a single other person in the chamber would agree with the mayor’s arguments against transgender people’s right to go to the bathroom. Understandably, the transgender community advocates watching over the council meeting were ecstatic.

Featured Image via Ludovic Bertron on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.