UPDATE: Texas Shooter Returned To His Former Employer To Commit Murder And Then Suicide (VIDEO)


Earlier today, two Texas schools were locked down as a nearby active shooting situation was resolved. The gunman, as it turns out, had returned to his former place of employment to take his murderous revenge. As he entered, he reportedly shouted, “Ya’ll ruined my life.” Apparently his money had just run out. The situation took place at the Knight Transportation Company office, a Houston area based trucking company.

He had been fired a couple of weeks prior, according to a spokesman from the County Sheriff’s Department. Also according to the spokesman, although one of the schools in question is located just across the street from the scene of the crime, “At no time were any of the students in harm’s way.”

The shooter, according to the latest reports, shot dead a supervisor before killing himself. He was armed with a “shotgun and a handgun.” Besides the dead, two employees were injured, but not from direct fire. They were apparently hit by “shrapnel” from the former employee’s rampage.

You can find below a tweet relaying an official statement from the trucking company regarding the incident.

You can watch a segment covering the latest developments below, via the Associated Press on Youtube.

Since January 1, 2016, there have been 17,369 shooting incidents in the United States. 830 of these were “accidental.” 4,423 deaths have been reported as of the afternoon of May 4. And, yes, the number is increasing so fast that it is relevant to state the time of day the number was taken down.

America has no mental health system. Neither does it have a system of reasonable gun control. Both of these factors led to a fast increasing number of similar incidents. The shooter today may have been afflicted with a mental health issue.

The issue may have been born out of lack of provision for his mental health, which includes sustenance. There must have been a warning sign. This didn’t just pop out of thin air. Thousands of people have already died this year from gun violence. That number includes 1,138 children. What is it going to take for us to wake up and choose to do something about the problem?

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.