FAIL: Donald Trump Does ‘Hispanic Outreach’ By Posting A Photo Of Himself Eating Tacos, “I Love Hispanics”


Eating various foods in an effort to reach out to minority voters is not a new tactic among presidential candidates, but Donald Trump has taken this pandering gesture to an hilarious and embarrassing new low. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Trump decided to post a photo of himself eating Mexican food on his Facebook page:

13179308_10157008375200725_4593406568140463398_n FAIL: Donald Trump Does 'Hispanic Outreach' By Posting A Photo Of Himself Eating Tacos, "I Love Hispanics" Donald Trump Social Media

To make matters worse, Trump stated the following above the photograph:

‘Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!’

Yes, Donald J Trump, the now presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party, posted a picture of himself eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, the primary intention apparently being to show the world how much he “loves” Hispanics.

There is so much wrong with this post that it’s hard to find where to begin. The implication here is that literally nobody on his campaign staff was perceptive enough to tell Trump, or whoever else might be managing his public Facebook page, that this was a terrible idea. The image quickly went viral after it was posted.

Thankfully, one of the most popular comments on the post by Andrea Mucino laid out exactly what was wrong with the picture and the context in which it was presented:

‘Too bad a taco bowl isn’t mexican, the Trump Tower Grill isn’t either, you’re not eating taco bowls from New York because you’re in WV today, Cinco De Mayo isn’t a hispanic holiday it’s a mexican one, and you are the same color as the taco bowl shell. But I digress!’

Trump’s equation of a Mexican dish and a Mexican holiday with the entirety of Hispanic cultures indicates such a profound level of ignorance that it’s almost cringe-inducing. It’s basically like posting a picture of yourself eating a baguette on Bastille Day and saying that you “love Caucasians.” Imagine the level of offense many Europeans or European Americans would feel at having an assessment of their entire culture reduced to something so specifically French in origin.

We white people are generally quick to acknowledge the vast cultural and historical differences between our different nationalities. Why can’t so many of us say the same for other ethnic groups? Who in their right mind wouldn’t make a similar connection with the many national groups that make up the Hispanic community? The fact of the matter is, taco bowls and Cinco de Mayo are specifically Mexican, like baguettes and Bastille Day are specifically¬†French. This is not a difficult concept to understand, and it’s particularly embarrassing when it actually has to be explained to a leading presidential candidate of one of the largest multi-cultural nations on Earth.

Considering that Trump doesn’t seem to attract voters who are particularly worldly in their outlook though, some of the other comments below the photo are equally cringe inducing, such as this one by “Joseph Acuna Matahtah”:

‘We Trump supporters love Hispanic American citizens! The LEGAL ones that is!’

Ugh! Really? It truly is like talking to a wall.

Featured image via Facebook.