Hillary Clinton Interrupted By Latino Protesters: ‘Hispandering To Chicanos Won’t Work!’ (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton scheduled a political rally on Cinco de Mayo in East Los Angeles, an area heavily populated by Latino Americans. Although the rally was intended to be held in celebration of a holiday, the mood was anything but festive.

ABC News reports that:

Hundreds of protesters descended upon East Los Angeles College to express their disdain for the Democratic presidential front-runner. Most of the protesters remained outside the college, although some made their way inside.

The protesters — some of whom carried pro-Bernie Sanders signs — spanned the spectrum in terms of their key issues: Some were protesting Clinton’s refusal so far to release her speaking engagement transcripts and her ties to Wall Street, while others took issue with Clinton’s “super-predator” remarks in 1994, and the crime bill her then-president husband signed that year. Others also headed to Clinton’s rally to protest her involvement in the 2009 Honduras coup, and to accuse her of pandering to the Hispanic community.

Protests were held at East Los Angeles College, where hundreds showed up to express their disapproval with Clinton. Live tweets during the event were angry in tone from those who witnessed and participated in the protests.

Protesters held signs noting the reasons they would not choose to vote for the former Secretary of State.

Signs read: “Black Lives Matter Not Super-predators,” “Hillary Do You Friends Make $12 or $15?” “Viva Bernie!” “NAFTA? IRAQ WAR? HONDURAS? Hmmm?” “Release the Transcripts,” “CALIFORNIA WHERE THE CLINTON & TRUMP SCAM WILL BE EXPOSED,” and “Welcome to LA Where Hispandering to Chicanos Doesn’t Work!!!”

Hillary Clinton’s rally was held as scheduled, and protesters interrupted the event with shouts and accusations. The first occurred on the rope line as Clinton entered, where police had to remove a man who confronted the presidential candidate. A woman inside protested Clinton’s involvement in the 2009 coup in the Honduras.

For video from inside the protests, see below:


Featured image screengrab via Twitter by @actdottv