WATCH: Jon Stewart Has A Warning For Military Personnel About ‘President Trump’


Some have said that the most frightening prospect about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump being President of the United States is that he would also be Commander-in-Chief. He would control the armed forces of this country and even have his hand on the nuclear codes which could be used to launch a nuclear strike on another country. And Trump did not exactly calm those fears with his talk at a recent MSNBC town hall in which he said he did not rule out using nuclear arms in Europe or the Middle East.

As soon as Trump becomes the official nominee of the Republican Party at the GOP convention in July, he will also begin to receive daily intelligence briefings. Some in the shadowy world of surveillance and counter-espionage are worried Trump might leak something he might learn in one of these briefings. Not intentionally, they say, but he is so prone to fly off the handle when speaking that a national security secret might just slip out during one of his frenzied speeches.

But former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart says our men and women in uniform should be worried about something else should Trump happen to wind up in the Oval Office. Stewart was speaking as part of a USO event at Joint Base Andrews on the 75th anniversary of the base. Also at the event was Vice President Joe Biden. Stewart mentioned that Biden is sometimes criticized for saying things that “might sound crazy.” And then he made a perfect transition to Trump, telling the members of the military in the room:

‘Who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination? Don’t worry, Trump’s gonna keep you busy when he’s the Commander-in-Chief. You’re gonna have to paint all the planes with ‘Trump’ in big gold letters. You’re gonna be busy.’

There was lots of laughter when Stewart made the joke, but his warning has more than a bit of truth to it, despite that fact that he was going for a laugh. If you want to know how gaudy the taste of Donald Trump is, just take a look at some of his hotels and casinos. And if you wonder how self-obsessed Trump is, all that’s required is listening to 30 seconds from one of his speeches.

For now, enjoy Jon Stewart at Joint Base Andrews:

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