Watch Seth Meyers Hilariously Explain How Bad The Republican Party Really Is (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for president. And, as we are all thankful for yet again, it’s the job of late night comedians like Seth Meyers to help us forget our problems through a laugh.

Scientifically though, the best laughter is coupled with understanding. We laugh because we understand. What Meyers helped his viewers understand last Wednesday night was that the Republican party has been the party of Trump-style hate for, like, ever.

One of Meyers’s examples goes back to 2009, and includes Trump himself. The so-called “birther movement” was a cooperation among right wingers who suggested — more like screamed — that President Obama was not an American citizen. Of course, that would mean that he was ineligible to be president. And, in this, Meyers’s assertion about the GOP being the party of Trump for many years isn’t just an opinion — Trump was one of the most notorious leaders of this so called movement.

In addition, Meyers points out that the Stop Trump movement, also known as Never Trump, could never effectively agree on why they were opposed to the candidate in the first place. What it amounted to was just that the party bosses didn’t like him for personal reasons. Trump meshed with the party’s voting base just fine.

Trump won the primary cycle by a landslide. As the comedian points out, he is the candidate Republican voters wanted when they decided who to vote for. Cruz and the other guys were favored by the party bosses but not the people. That is pretty much the only difference between them. And, since this is a democracy, the people made their choice known, and it was Trump.

Meyers helped bring out this point by showing some of the “last straws” in the now defunct Cruz campaign. These range from him not helping his “losing mate” Vice Presidential pick Carly Fiorina up when she fell off a stage to getting in a war of words with a Trump supporter at one of his rallies. Cruz even got a heckler who was, according to Meyers, like 10 or 12 years old. Really, and you can see the clip in the video at the bottom of the page.

In other words, Cruz was just an idiot when it came to wooing masses of voters. Watch Meyers’s segment below, via Youtube.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.