Bill Maher Makes Joke About Donald Trump’s Masculinity And Trump Is PISSED (VIDEO)


Late night funny man Bill Maher destroyed Donald Trump on Friday night by going after his masculinity, or the lack thereof. And, to top that, Trump mouthpiece and conservative commentator Ann Coulter was even sitting right there on Maher’s show with him.

Maher’s jabs came on the heels of Trump continuing his sexist attacks on Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton. Trump has said things like, “If Hillary was a man, she wouldn’t get 5% of the vote,” and he even coined a “nickname” for her, “Crooked Hillary.” And then he said, or, rather, one of his mouthpieces said, that such a comment wasn’t sexist. Yeah, ok.

And it’s not just negative political jabs at his likely general election opponent. He oozes whiny sexism, and, even more than sexism, a blatant disregard and put down style for everyone outside of himself. Trump dragged out a feud with FOX News host Megyn Kelly that started with Trump whining and basically calling her “menstrual.” Really, Kelly didn’t do anything. The problem is just that Trump likes to whine. And, according to Maher, “For him, that time of the month is always.”

And that’s just the kind of thing Maher so nicely pointed out. Trump is the person who fits all the negative “whiny b*tch” stereotypes about women, not Hillary Clinton. “Who gets more hysterical than Lady Donald Trump,” Maher asked.

When Trump got into one of his million spats with former opponent Ted Cruz, Trump literally told Anderson Cooper of CNN, “He started it.” Cooper responded right then and there with pointing out that that was the “logic of a 5 year old.” And, like any good five year old, Trump didn’t care.

Trump literally brags at his “prowess at whining.” Maher played a recent clip of him saying, “I am a whiner, and I keep whining until I win.”

Maher has had personal experience with this whining. Once he apparently made a joke about Trump’s father being an orangutan. And, Trump actually filed suit and brought his birth certificate to court to prove that he wasn’t descended from apes more recently than anyone else.

This whining is what has made his campaign what it is today. It is about marketing, and producing a public image. That’s why Trump self-values his own name at millions of dollars.

Watch the segment from Maher’s show below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.