President Obama Just Released A Mother’s Day Address That ALL Americans Should Watch


On Saturday evening, President Obama used his weekly address to the country to recognize the continued efforts of American mothers. Given that today is Mother’s Day, Obama thanked his wife Michelle and her mother for their continued effort in raising the Obama’s two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha.

‘In our house, everybody knows that the president is only the third most important job in the family. So this weekend I’m going to take a little extra time to say thank you to Michelle for the remarkable ways she does the most important job: being a Mom.’

In true Obama fashion, however, the president didn’t stop there. He went on to thank mothers across America for their often overlooked efforts in raising the future generations of this country. Proving he can walk the talk, Obama also made a point to push family friendly policies ahead of the special day.

‘Giving flowers is always a good idea, but I hope that on this Mother’s Day that we’ll recommit ourselves to more than that. Deeds that match our words – let’s give mothers the respect they deserve, give all women the equality they deserve, give all parents the support they need in the most important roles. That includes paid maternity leave, sick leave, accomodations for workers who are pregnant, good health care, affordable childcare, flexibility at work, equal pay, and a decent minimum wage.’

It’s worth noting that America is one of the only developed countries worldwide that does not offer paid maternity leave. Not only does this show a lack of regard for the family, but more specifically it shows how little we value women and mothers. Clearly we’ve still got a ways to go, but nonetheless, Obama’s address is important and one that everyone should take the time to listen to.

President Obama went on:

‘We ask our mothers to do more than their fair share of just about everything. Making sure they’re treated fairly is the least we can do.’

Amen to that, Mr. President!

You can watch President Obama’s Mother’s Day address below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.