Trump Just Made The Most Ridiculous Accusation About Hillary Taking Your Guns That Even Tea Partiers Think It’s Nuts


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed at a Washington campaign rally on Saturday that his likely general election opponent Hillary Clinton wants to “abolish the second amendment.” That is so wrong on so many levels.

The first is that of fact. Neither Clinton nor any of her spokespeople have ever suggested the abolition of the second amendment. (The second amendment, if you don’t remember right away, is the section of the Constitution that guarantees the right to bear arms.) The erasure of a portion of the Constitution is not just something that can be done at the flick of a president’s finger. The process is long and requires the input of a convention called in each and every state. There’s a reason there aren’t amendments passed all the time.

In addition, Clinton isn’t stupid, so she knows that. The fact that no reasonable politician would propose such a measure from a procedural standpoint is another level where it is so very wrong.

The third, and perhaps most compelling, way in which Trump’s statement is so wrong is at its essence. He’s not standing up there thumping his podium about the people starving or dying from disease on the street corner. (That’s Bernie Sanders.) He’s not thumping his podium about experience in running a country and the desire for stability, either. (That’s Hillary Clinton.)

No, what Trump and his minions thump their podiums about is a piece of paper. Even more than that, the front runner and his comrades thump about an idea. This idea of a “right” is to the exclusion of the lives of those affected by gun violence.

In the past 3 days, 29 Americans under the age of 17 have been killed by gun violence, bringing the year to date total to 1,171. Altogether since January 1 there have been 4,531 deaths from gun violence in the United States.

Clinton campaign communications staffer Jesse Lehrich took part in the time tested way of responding to public insults and took to Twitter. As for Clinton herself, she has previously mentioned that she is not concerned with personally responding to Trump.

Both Democratic candidates have expressed their support for gun rights within constitutionally reasonable parameters. For Clinton, though, Trump’s lines are almost a taste of her own medicine. She has made up wild claims about her opponent, US Senator Bernie Sanders, asserting that his position on gun safety is close to Trump’s. It got so wild that Sanders got asked at a major debate if he needed to “give the victims of the Sandy Hook mass shooting an apology.” He said no.

This latest attack from Trump comes as he and Clinton come closer and closer to a general election match-up. His previous attacks have been largely based on her gender or some other personal aspect. This is one of the first times Trump has ventured into policy attacks, and, if this instance is any indication, he isn’t going to be very effective. The problem is that his supporters don’t care. His madly “whiny” persona is driving him ever closer to the presidency.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.