Arkansas Judge Accused Of Sexually Exploiting Young Male Defendants In Exchange For Easy Sentences (VIDEO)


An Arkansas District Court Judge accused of sexually exploiting young male defendants has resigned and claimed that he will “never again seek a job as a local, county or state employee.”

“Accused” puts it lightly, and the fact of preferred treatment in the judicial process glares oh so very brightly in this case. Investigators found thousands of photographs documenting the exploitation on the judge’s computer. (The exploitation was apparently followed up with sentence reductions for the defendants.) Not only that, this investigation has been going in full force since last year, when the judge, Joseph Boeckmann, was first charged. Last year.

There are witnesses, victims, evidence, everything needed for a trial. But, no, no trial has been held. And the judge just happens to be an old white man who is on the inside of the local judicial system. It’s all a coincidence though, right?

The case went on for almost a year before the formal charging.

Below, watch a special report on the case from the end of last year, when Boeckmann was charged and the case was first really getting under way.


Steve Barnes of Reuters reports that “Boeckmann’s resignation concludes administrative action by the state. State and federal police agencies are reviewing the allegations for possible criminal prosecution.”

Yes, you read that right. There is still a question that the former judge will ever be responsible for any more restitution for his crimes. A simple internet search for judicial misconduct brings up the question of the immunity of public officials as a serious issue.

For example, in Louisville, Kentucky:

‘Jefferson District Court Judge Sheila Collins won’t be suspended after admitting in a disciplinary hearing Tuesday that she “made a mistake” in ordering court officials to charge and lock up an alleged domestic violence victim who told the judge she had lied to police. Instead, the Judicial Conduct Commission voted to publicly reprimand Collins on Friday for violating two judicial canons.’

Ballotpedia’s Top 5 examples of “real-life judicial misconduct” all occurred in the past few years. They include judges who were suspended for everything from illicit sexual relationships to violence both in and out of the courtroom.

There is definitely an accountability disconnect. It is these people who are a danger to children and people of all ages, not transgender people in the bathroom.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.