Rapper Azealia Banks Defiantly Endorses Donald Trump For President (TWEETS)


African American rapper Azealia Banks expressed her support for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in a series of tweets on Saturday. She also took the opportunity to criticize Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton. You can find her tweets below.




Banks has a point with the last tweet. Clinton jokingly admitted to pandering to African Americans while campaigning in New York before that state’s April 19 primary. She was asked live on the radio if there is something that she carries with her everywhere she goes. “Hot sauce,” she answered.

Her comment was widely perceived as pandering to black voters. BBC News put it like this: “When Hillary Clinton told a radio show that she always carries a bottle of hot sauce she was accused of ‘pandering’ to the perceived tastes of black voters.” Clinton, for the record, defended her comments as based in a desire for a “healthy immune system.”

Banks did not have all uplifting words for underdog candidate Bernie Sanders either, saying he is “too old” and criticizing his ability to “get stuff done.” You can see those tweets below.



Just like just about every other expression of support for Trump, Banks evidently got a large amount of hate. Banks publicly responded to some of her haters on Twitter in the days following her implicit endorsement.



Banks first expressed her support for the now presumptive GOP nominee back on February 1. Her support then, though, was an expressed settling for the “lesser of two (or more) evils,” as it were. You can see her tweets from that time below.




And, with these earlier tweets, Banks also does have a point. If America is a business like those found on Wall Street, then Trump’s your guy. Trump can run a business, both into and out of the ground. If America is about the prosperity of the underdog, though, then the billionaire real estate developer is probably not your candidate.

Musicians have not shied away from backing one or another of the presidential candidates this election cycle. Trump’s other musical backers include Ted Nugent of “Kill It and Grill It” fame and country music singer Loretta Lynn. He by far has the shortest list of such among the 3 remaining major presidential candidates.

Democratic underdog US Senator Bernie Sanders has amassed the longest list. His backers include musicians from Neil Young to Roger Waters to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and REM. A shorter but still notable list of musicians, including Katy Perry and Beyonce, back Hillary Clinton.

Endorsement is not the only way the music inductry is making its voice heard either. A growing list of musicians have taken to publicly denouncing Trump for using their songs at one or another of his rallies. The latest addition to that list is The Rolling Stones.

On top of all of that, back in April, hip-hop star YG got his 20,000 strong crowd at Coachella music festival to all chant “F*ck Donald Trump” along with his song “FDT.” Watch the video of that below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.