WATCH: Bernie Sanders Just Helped A Staffer Propose To His Girlfriend (VIDEO)


US Senator Bernie Sanders helped one of his presidential campaign staffers propose to his girlfriend this past Sunday.

Social Media Director for Bernie 2016, Hector Sigala, announced the proposal -and the success- on Twitter. As you can see below, Sanders taped a short clip for the engagement. He began with giving a short half spiel for his campaign, before cutting to asking “Rio” to “help out Hector” with his question. After all, Sanders added, Hector’s a “nice guy. ”

You can watch the clip below, via Sigala’s Twitter. The top tweet includes an image of Hector’s now fiancee, Kimberley Riofrio, with her engagement ring.

The underdog candidate got kind responses on social media to his efforts towards the engagement. You can see some of those, via Twitter, below.

Just over two months remain until the Democratic convention. Continuing on the current trend will likely bring the Democrats to an open convention, where neither candidate clinches a majority of pledged delegates. This scenario is contingent upon a June 7 Sanders upset win in California coupled with smaller wins leading up to that day. Under such circumstances, the nominee is decided by “super,” or unpledged, delegates.

In addition, under these circumstances, the power of ‘wooing’ comes in. Each candidate has to personally convince each of the superdelegates to cast their support for that candidate. Sanders has a definite advantage on some fronts on this regard, while Clinton maintains an advantage in others. Sanders is the much more energizing candidate among fringe voting populations, for example, while Clinton maintains her lead among the long standing party base.

For the record, Maine Democrats just voted to end the power of superdelegates. Obviously the personal wooing aspect takes away all democratic elements to the process of nominating a candidate.

Under similar circumstances, then-GOP presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich helped a California high school student propose to her date back just before he ended his campaign just over a week ago. The proposal was also successful, but the response to the proposal was much less endearing then Sanders’s. The girl and her friend made it clear that they weren’t even planning to vote for Kasich.


Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.